Happy New Year from Positively Disney


IMG_0232Happy New Year from Courtney, Kim and Gina at Positively Disney!

May 2016 bring you health, happiness and Disney Magic!



Kim & Steve - American Pavilion
Kim and Steve


Gina and Joe

The Wave at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Breakfast at The Wave

The Wave’s Breakfast Buffet



We went to the Wave for Breakfast. We had never been before and to be honest, The Contemporary is not my favorite resort. I know that there is so much history but it feels and looks so dated to me.
Since we like to try new things, we figured we’d step out of our comfort zone. I’m glad we did. The lobby is ultra modern and totally hip. The clean lines and different textures of the wood, glass and tiles really do feel mid century  modern “contemporary”.
The Wave is located on the bottom floor off the lobby and the clean crisp design follows in there. It doesn’t feel sterile but warm and inviting. We had a wonderful server (Mary)who was so bubbly and fun. She loved spreading the magic!
The breakfast menu is either a la carte or they have a breakfast buffet. We chose the buffet (of course). It is set up in a long galley style room. There is an assortment of fresh fruit, cottage cheese and yogurt, pastries and bagels and toppings. Cold cuts and cheeses nicely displayed as is the cereal table. The real gems would be the cheesy bacon grits and Eggs Benedict. The hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage are winners. Of course you can’t go wrong with Mickey head waffles! The sweet potato pancakes are amazing – use the honey pecan butter on them.

The a la carte menu has many of the same dishes as are available in the buffet but obviously not all you can enjoy. The pricing is actually pretty fair also. We were able to get same day reservations on My Disney Experience.

Chef Kim going out of her way for Joeimage

The staff is attentive and a lot of fun. There weren’t any sweet potato pancakes out when Joe went up so they brought them over to him. The service level is wonderful, of course, because we know that Cast Members Rule!

So although The Contemporary is not my favorite resort, I did find that there are elements that I truly enjoy and will give it another try!

A Contemporary Romance

A Contemporary Romance

Donnie and Jamie have been together since 2011. They met at a children’s birthday party. They are such normal nice people. What makes them special is that they have managed to make a blended family work wonderfully well. I think they have like 27 children between them. Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but there are actually 7, with 5 at home and one granddaughter – Natalie.

They have been coming to The Contemporary for several years now and always have to pose in front of “their spot”. It’s become a family tradition.

When Donnie decided to propose to Jamie, he knew where it was going to be. What really impressed me was that he was able to keep it a secret. Even the children didn’t find out until moments before the deed was done. They were going to get their picture in their spot and Jamie was held back by Donnie’s sister.

Donnie wrangled the kids and gave them parts of a sign to hold up. “Jamie Will You Marry Me?” So sweet. I could see that Jamie was truly surprised and very happy when she walked out and saw the display.

I wish them and their big ‘ole family lots of love and happiness! They deserve it! Walt Disney World really is a magical place!

PS: I work with Donnie at Orlando Sanford International Airport. I do not stalk strangers but I’m not above it!


Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at the Beach Club Resort

Beaches and Cream Soda Shop


Set along side the pool at the Beach Club Resort, Beaches and Cream is a small bit of happiness. Perhaps best known as the home of the infamous Kitchen Sink Sundae, this really is a fun stop for some dinner or just a milkshake.

We’ve eaten here several times and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each simple homespun meal. The Grilled Cheese and Tomato Bisque are perhaps my favorite, though we’ve also enjoyed the Angus Burger and Ruben Sandwich. Everything is freshly made to order right behind the soda fountain. The burgers start as fresh ground angus ball thrown onto the grill and flattened with a cast iron torture devise. I’m sure it has a real name but whatever it is, it’s fun to watch.

The milkshakes and floats are wonderful. I like vanilla ice cream with my root beer. The strawberry milkshake is so thick, it’s not much of a drink at all. No complaints here.

Yes there are Sundaes, including the Kitchen Sink, which is almost obscene in it’s proportions. We watched four adults fail at finishing this. The strawberry shortcake tastes like Mom would make. Probably the most decadent desert would be the Grilled Banana Bread and Peanut Butter. It’s rich and dense and amazing.

This is all encompassed in a small shop that has just a handful of tables set among the juke box and pastel tile work. The music is by Elvis and no one is counting calories. It’s like you’ve stepped into Pleasantville. There is an ice cream take out window and outside seating overlooking the pool. If you have more than two people in your party, definitely make a reservation.



What is this force that has come over me?

It takes a lot for me to admit this but here I go…it took 23 years for me to finally see the Star Wars movies. Phew. Before, I would see Star Wars fans as, I am sorry, losers. I guess my visual of them was playing with Chewbacca figurines in their mother’s basement after betting on all of the eBay Star Wars auctions. And the clips of the movies that I had seen seemed cheesy, and fake. So I thought of it as a cult classic more than a storied franchise. But living in Florida and seeing the fandom in and around the parks I have a completely different view of them and the movies. There are a lot of Star Wars fans And they are all different types of people. Dads, moms, kids, teens, old people. Seeing this and the amount of pressure from my uncle to watch the movies, I finally did. A force has been awoken.

I understood going into this that these movies were made in the late 70’s so the special effects would not be what I am used to. But with that understood I actually thought the movies were very good. I started with Episode IV and it was interesting. A little long but I get that they were setting up stories for the future movies. Episode V was a little more romantic than I expected but still entertaining and Epsode VI was my favorite with all of the action and had satisfying endings to all the storylines. I have not seen Epsiode I-III because everyone I had talked to said it was unessesary, though I may have to find some time to just watch them anyway. Overall, they were excellent and definitely got me excited to to see the new movie.

Now, I am a fan. I admit I do not know everything and I am sure I would bring shame to much of the fandom with my lack of knowledge on some things. However, I will definitely be in line to see the movie with my r2-d2 shirt and big smile on my face.


Courtney and Kim Gill

Star Wars Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios

The Star Wars Launch Bay is like a warm up for the new addition to the Star Wars universe. With The Force Awakens, Disney is embarking on a huge exciting endeavor into the sacred ground of Star Wars. The SWLB is an interactive showcase along with meet and great and gaming area and yes, it does end in a gift shop.

A few years ago, Disney stepped into the world of super heroes with the Marvel Comics movies and records were broken. From Iron Man to the Avengers and even the Agents of Shield on the small screen, they have shown how to make a blockbuster. So Star Wars fan, don’t worry, R2D2 and Han Solo are in good hands. This will be huge and true to the world that George Lucas created.

Update: No spoilers but the movie was amazing! Wonderful job by everyone involved. The Force Awakens made 1 Billion faster than any other movie in history.



Living in Florida – One Year In

Living in Florida – One Year In


Having lived in New England (in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts) with it’s cold weather and boatloads of snow, it had long been a plan to move to Florida. We had been on countless vacations to WDW. Like tons of vacations – about 30-40 since 1992.

Well the time came last year. Kim & Steve and Courtney moved down in August. We all drove down and helped out in the blazing sun and stifling heat that is Florida in the summer. We were coming from the end of summer/ early fall so it was an adjustment to say the least. I followed behind them in October.


I was in full fall mode in RI so I was melting but was assured that this was the “new” fall and I would acclimate eventually. My world went from the leaves beginning to change to palm trees. I was lucky enough to find a job right away so the transition went smoothly. I was still melting while my coworkers were wearing sweaters and shivering. I joke and say that I almost broke out the socks on three different occasions last year!

We’ve all traveled up north for visits and been lucky enough to have a lot of visitors. It’s fun and yet exhausting to play travel guide. Most of my vacation time is now spent entertaining. Not too bad, just more time to spend in WDW! My daughter, Dea, got engaged here a while back! Kim and Steve’s older daughter, Amanda, spent almost the whole summer visiting. She’s a teacher. Our great nieces and nephew were here and it was so fun to visit WDW with children.

The Beanes

There are times when I miss my old home. Those are the days that I head to Disney’s Yacht Club Resort and enjoy all the nautical touches and of course the light house. I almost feel like I’ve stepped into Newport, RI. Going to the Captains Grille for some chowdah warms the soul. Kim still cooks like there is a small army even though there’s just a few of us. Visiting the Christmas Tree Shop is like going into Foxboro, MA. Same store, same stuff – don’t you just love a bargain.

Captain's Grille

We’ve discovered the world outside of WDW too. Shocking, I know! I enjoy Flagler College and the Lightner Museum in St. Augustine. The beaches in Clearwater are so warm and wonderful. We found a great family owned restaurant chain – Columbia’s, that we have visited in several locations, including Celebration. The manatees at Blue Springs Park are a majestic sight to behold. There were about 75 there the first time I went. Truly amazing! Wekiva Park is beautiful and can definitely fill in the nature fix. Downtown Mount Dora is about as adorable as it comes with it’s quaint shops and eateries. They even have a train ride! I still have to head south and I haven’t been to Gatorland yet. I’m working on it.

Clearwater Beach

So far, I am loving Florida! The people are a blend from all over and not just America. I can enjoy the sunshine and the rain and the lack of snow all I want without pouting about having to shovel to leave. I feel like I’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg as far as exploring but I’m so willing to keep on searching! On to year #2!


Quick Service Part 5 – Pinocchio Village Haus, ABC Commissary and Electric Umbrella

Pinocchio Village Haus – Magic Kingdom


Pinocchio’s in Fantasyland is so charming that I am still finding new details to love! It’s beautifully painted and decorated right from the movie. There is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. There is even a small balcony that holds just a few tables. The best spot in the house are the tables that overlook the loading area to it’s a small world.

They have fantastic flatbread pizzas. My favorite is the Caprese with it’s fresh mozzarella and light on the sauce. They also serve a Pepperoni flatbread pizza. There Chicken Parm sandwich can be a little heavy on the sauce.

ABC Commissary – Hollywood Studios


The Commissary seems to be a place where we go and spend some quality time. It’s an air conditioned oasis in the hot months in FL. They have a few outlets to charge your batteries. The cupcakes are always yummy!

The menu does seem to change on a regular basis here. There always seems to be a specialty burger, salad, seafood dish and steak. I have had everything on the menu. The steak is usually the same cut that is being served at the American Pavilion in Epcot. The seafood is usually breaded and the old faithful 1/3 lb Angus Bacon Cheeseburger is always on the menu. Kids meals include burgers, chicken nuggets and usually a sandwich.

Deserts are the seasonal and they always have a fantastic cupcake and signature adult beverage.

There are televisions showing clips of current ABC programs and palm trees lining the rows of seating. The bathrooms are small but almost hidden so not overly crowded. It does tend to get very busy during peak meal times.

Electric Umbrella – Epcot


I’m not sure why but for some reason, my first visit to the Electric Umbrella in Epcot’s Future World was just a few months ago. It’s not far after you get off Spaceship Earth. It’s on the way to Ellen’s Energy Adventure, Mission Space and Test Track. The location is wonderful, there is plenty of both inside and outside seating and the food is good.

The menu is better than burgers and fries. They offer Veggie Naan Wich, Sausage and Pepper Sandwich, Energy Salad with Roasted Chicken and of course two different burgers for adults as well as some fruity adult beverages. Children have great options like the Chilled Chicken Wrap, Macaroni and Cheese and Vegetarian Flatbread. They come with grape and carrot sticks.

I’ve had the children’s Chicken Wrap more than once and it’s my favorite! More than enough for a grown up. It’s also a great spot to people watch. It’s not far from one of the entrances to Mouse Gears. I feel like it’s not as crowded as Sunshine Seasons can get. We have stopped here on our way out too. I won’t forget about it again!