And We’re On To 2017…

And We’re On To 2017…

2016 was full of challenges for me. I’m ready to move onto 2017!

There are some things that I am trying to be excited about, like the new Magic Band. It just seems so big and bulky. My wrists are oddly small and I already wear the band in child-size mode. The new band just seems like it won’t fit me correctly. I get the concept of the removable pod and how versatile it should be. I just like the nice lightweight current band. Don’t worry about me, I’ll adjust (pun intended). I’m also happy that the handles are back on the resort mugs. That was awkward but again I saw that they were trying to make it more travel mug-ish and trendy. Glad to see that the handles returned!

I’m almost always excited about changes in WDW. I loved the new paint job and sign that the Carousel of Progress got but now I’m ready for the show to be updated. I would break it down by: 1. beginning of the 1900’s 2. 1950-60’s and the space race 3. 1980-90’s computers and changing technologies and 4. the future or what it could be with all of the smart devises. Social media needs to be added and make it interactive!

For me, the most exciting thing about 2017 is Pandora in Animal Kingdom! Avatarland is due to open in the summer. I’ve been peeking over and through the fencing for what feels like forever. I will re-watch the movie to give myself a refresher. To me, this is like Pocahontas on another planet with mystical flying animals. I can’t imagine this not being spectacular!

Changes at Hollywood Studios probably aren’t going to be huge in 2017. There will be more of the same construction of the Star Wars and Toy Story themed lands. I do like what they’ve done with the fireworks shows. The projections, laser light show and fireworks combinations truly are amazing. I’m sure they will continue to update and awe.

Epcot will bring us some culture with the Festival of the Arts in January and February – think Flower & Garden and Food & Wine with beautifully Disney art work. I am looking forward to this. I do think that Epcot will eventually just be one long Festival. Maybe something can incorporate the Innoventions buildings?

Hopefully there will be some wonderful surprises thrown in there that will make my year!

Stepping Out in Style – Dapper Days 


Stepping out in Style

Dapper days in Walt Disney World are eclectic and so much fun! It is a semi annual celebration of “Stepping Out In Style”. This is an unofficial Disney Event that was started in 2011. This will be my third year participating. You can see so many different eras represented with the bulk being the 1950’s. Disney bounding has become very popular. That is when your outfit is inspired by a character – like wearing purple and flowers in your hair for Rapunzel.

Last year, Joe and I got inspired by a billboard in Hollywood Studios. I love the details in Disney!

I’m looking for inspiration and it’s twice as hard because this year Dapper Days will be a 2 day event. Magic Kingdom will be dressed up on April 29th and Epcot will get fancy on April 30th. I wonder if we will see futuristic or ethnic outfits for Epcot’s distinct lands?

We could go with a classic favorite like Lucy & Ricky from I Love Lucy or maybe a Mary Poppins themed day? Marvel themed outfits were very popular last year. There is no age limit to the dress up fun. I’ve seen families all dress to a particular theme, young people and older couples. Pinterest is so full of many wonderful ideas. Most are so easy to do, also.

Quite often, families will be on vacation and have no idea about Dapper Days. They will find out shortly before and not prepare ahead of time. It’s nice to see them  wearing their Sunday best outfits. Don’t forget to ask for a pin to Celebrate the day!

I hope you get to enjoy Dapper Days!



Coronado Springs – Review

We recently stayed at Coronado Springs and absolutely loved it! This is the only moderate Resort with a Convention Center. With 1921 rooms comma Coronado feels very spread out and luxurious. It really starts when you enter El Centro and first view La Fuentes de Las Palomas (Fountain of the Doves) with its beautiful mural painted above. This is also where you check in and check out. 

There are several places to eat in this building including the Peppermill food court. The Maya Grill is a very nice restaurant but remember to get reservations.
Coronado Springs is separated into three distinct areas. The Casitas are the most formal feeling of the buildings. They have over 1000 rooms and are styled in a Santa Fe or Monterey Bay fashion. The Ranchos are rustic and the details will bring you to the American southwest. The Cabanas are two-story Mexican style bungalows.

There are multiple quiet pools throughout the resort. The main pool is the big dick. The centerpiece is a Mayan temple. There is an arcade and a children’s play area. There are quick service meals and a full bar at this pool. The hot tub section is definitely my favorite amenity.

Although this Resort is spread out, there are plenty of bus stops throughout. I prefer to walk around the resort and enjoy the views.

I look forward to our next stay at Coronado Springs!