Art of Animation: Cars Suite

This week we had a lot of family in town to celebrate Thanksgiving and of course to go to Disney World. With 6 of us staying on property, we thought it would be a good idea to stay in a family suite. I have stayed in the All-Star Music suites before. I love them but we wanted to try something different so we booked an Art of Animation family suite. We were put in the Cars suites.

The rooms are bigger than the All-Star suites. The layout makes them roomier at least. With a large master bedroom and bathroom and living space that has two full/queen sized beds that tuck away during the day, the room seemed huge. Though the second(main) bathroom is a little small it’s still perfectly fine for a vacation. It was also very nice to have a microwave, small fridge and kitchenette sink in the room for leftovers and washing out mugs.

Like with the other “value resorts” Art of Animation is very immersive and bright. Just walking to the Cars buildings we felt like we were walking down Route 66 just as Lightening McQueen was in the Cars movies.

I would recommend these suites, also Nemo and Lion King themed to any bigger family. It’s worth it just for the extra bathroom and extra space.

MegaCon Orlando 2016 – pictures

I went to my first comic book convention – MegaCon. I will admit that I had a preconceived notion of what I would see. However it was so much more! More sci-fi, more anime, more artists and more everything!

I thought I would be Disney cute and wear my princess tiara shirt and an actual tiara. Well, I was probably one of the most conservatively dressed people there! The highlight of my day was definitely seeing Stan Lee! At 94 years old, he has been elevated to almost god-like status in this community.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s event!!!










Disney Date Night Ideas

Disney Date Night Ideas 

It’s  Friday afternoon and you’re beginning to think about the weekend.  Whether or not you are near the magic, you can still have a wonderful Disney date night.

Here are some suggestions:

Have a Jolly Holiday with Mary!

Visit the Grand Floridian and have dinner at 1900 Park Fare (buffet) or at the Grand Floridian Cafe. The cafe is usually  very open for reservations and the food is fantastic! I highly suggest getting all dressed up and strolling the beautiful grounds.

At home, watch Mary Poppins or Saving Mr.Banks, both wonderful movies. For dinner you could have some takeout fish and chips or even shepherd’s pie. Definitely have a spot of tea.

A Night Out With Lady and the Tramp

Plan ahead of time and make reservations at Tony’s Restaurant in Magic Kingdom. Share some spaghetti and meatballs. The tiramisu is truly wonderful. Take a stroll up and down Main Street and get a great spot for wishes.

When was the last time you actually watched Lady and the Tramp? This is a great chance to bring out the classic. Prepare spaghetti and meatballs as a couple and don’t forget the garlic bread!

May Force Be With You

Head on over to Hollywood Studios! Stop in at the Launch Bay for a picture with Chewbacca or some bartering with the Jawa. Take a ride on Star Tours, they’ve added scenes from The Force Awakens. Have some popcorn in a Han Solo bucket and wait for the awesome Star Wars Fireworks!

With so many options for which Star Wars movie to watch, choosing could be your biggest decision. This could become a whole series of Date Nights or just a really long binge watching day! I would keep it simple with the food but definitely include the popcorn.

Date Nights are important! Have a magical time!


MegaCon Orlando 2016 – pictures

I went to my first comic book convention – MegaCon. I will admit that I had a preconceived notion of what I would see. However it was so much more! More sci-fi, more anime, more artists and more everything!
I thought I would be Disney cute and wear my princess tiara shirt and an actual tiara. Well, I was probably one of the most conservatively dressed people there! The highlight of my day was definitely seeing Stan Lee! At 94 years old, he has been elevated to almost god-like status in this community.
I’m already looking forward to next year’s event!!!










And On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink: The Unwritten Rules of How to Dress in Disney World

Okay, not rules, more like, guidelines!

We’ve all seen it right? Each park seems to have its own themed attire. Walking around Magic Kingdom girls dress as their favorite princess or show off their favorite character on their shirts. All four parks have their theme that many park guests just seem to gravitate towards.

Magic Kingdom


Like I said above, women will find a way to represent their favorite princess or even pay homage to all of the princesses or favorite character in the way they dress. Or they just dress in a way that makes them feel like a princess. I tend to do more of the paying homage to them. I really like to be comfortable in the parks so I will often wear a shirt with my favorite character(that changes daily), exercise bottoms and my favorite ears! I never worry about coordinating shoes since I am really just for optimal comfort and feel like everyone else should as well.

For others, they go all out. Something that has really been popular at the parks lately is Disney  Bounding. Wearing costumes to the parks for adults is not allowed but that doesn’t have to stop you from making you feel like your favorite character. Bounding doesn’t mean you have to look exactly like the character. You can simply wear their color scheme and you are golden.

Hollywood Studios 

For Hollywood Studios it is much more obvious that there is a “dress code” for entering the park. I think it’s much more prevelent because both men and women do it….


From t-shirts to bounding to almost everybody having a light saber, walking into Hollywood Studios can sometimes feel like you’re walking into a Star Wars Convention. Most wear their vintage looking t-shirts but other get quite creative.

Animal Kingdom

I think this one is pretty obvious. Animal Kingdom’s forever fashion tend is animal print. Some people keep it minimal, finishing their favorite outfit with an animal print accessory. Some kick it up a notch and have a piece of their clothing be animal print. And for a very few everything is animal print. So whatever your style type is make sure you pack your animal print for Animal Kingdom.


This park is very hard to pin point trend. Many come dressed representing their country so they can feel festive walking around the World Showcase.

This park is where you see a lot of the group shirts. These shirts usually have some saying that indicated what the group is celebrating. A lot of the shirts will include drinking around the world which is a game adults play where they drink in each country at the World Showcase.

Epcot is definitely the most relaxed park when it comes to fashion. No one seems to go all out. With the amount of great food and drinks they offer I prefer to wear my looser fitting clothes! Lol!!

So, how do you dress in Disney World? Are you more laid back with just a few Disney touches to your outfit or do you give yourself a memorable outfit for each park? Also, what other trends do you notice in the parks?

PD Courtney

All outfits made by myself on

What is this force that has come over me?

It takes a lot for me to admit this but here I go…it took 23 years for me to finally see the Star Wars movies. Phew. Before, I would see Star Wars fans as, I am sorry, losers. I guess my visual of them was playing with Chewbacca figurines in their mother’s basement after betting on all of the eBay Star Wars auctions. And the clips of the movies that I had seen seemed cheesy, and fake. So I thought of it as a cult classic more than a storied franchise. But living in Florida and seeing the fandom in and around the parks I have a completely different view of them and the movies. There are a lot of Star Wars fans And they are all different types of people. Dads, moms, kids, teens, old people. Seeing this and the amount of pressure from my uncle to watch the movies, I finally did. A force has been awoken.

I understood going into this that these movies were made in the late 70’s so the special effects would not be what I am used to. But with that understood I actually thought the movies were very good. I started with Episode IV and it was interesting. A little long but I get that they were setting up stories for the future movies. Episode V was a little more romantic than I expected but still entertaining and Epsode VI was my favorite with all of the action and had satisfying endings to all the storylines. I have not seen Epsiode I-III because everyone I had talked to said it was unessesary, though I may have to find some time to just watch them anyway. Overall, they were excellent and definitely got me excited to to see the new movie.

Now, I am a fan. I admit I do not know everything and I am sure I would bring shame to much of the fandom with my lack of knowledge on some things. However, I will definitely be in line to see the movie with my r2-d2 shirt and big smile on my face.


Courtney and Kim Gill

Star Wars Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios

The Star Wars Launch Bay is like a warm up for the new addition to the Star Wars universe. With The Force Awakens, Disney is embarking on a huge exciting endeavor into the sacred ground of Star Wars. The SWLB is an interactive showcase along with meet and great and gaming area and yes, it does end in a gift shop.

A few years ago, Disney stepped into the world of super heroes with the Marvel Comics movies and records were broken. From Iron Man to the Avengers and even the Agents of Shield on the small screen, they have shown how to make a blockbuster. So Star Wars fan, don’t worry, R2D2 and Han Solo are in good hands. This will be huge and true to the world that George Lucas created.

Update: No spoilers but the movie was amazing! Wonderful job by everyone involved. The Force Awakens made 1 Billion faster than any other movie in history.



The Great Movie Ride Presented by TCM – Hollywood Studios

The Great Movie Ride is a staple for visitors of Hollywood Studios. But for years it remained unchanged and definitely needed an upgrade. That’s why Turner Classic Movies was brought in to bring some new life to this classic ride. Riders are brought back in time to the explore movie classics. Though many of the scenes remain unchanged there are three major changes.

Our first major change is in the holding room. Before, guests were shown trailers to many iconic movies such as “Gone with the Wind” And “Mary Poppins.” We are not completely sure about this since we had fast passes and were only in the holding room for five minutes but they seem to show only an in depth, behind the scenes look into the making of “Wizard of Oz” now. This makes sense since TCM owns the rights to the movie.

Another noticeable change is the bank robber scene. While most of the dialogue and back story stayed the same, there is an addition. Now as you are headed into the next room there is another fight scene just like if you were in the cowboy sequence. Here is also where you start to notice that the recorded information has been updated and provide a little more personality to our non-human guide.

The major change that everybody was pretty much expecting was in the montage that is shown at the end. Most of the original is still in it but they do add a lot more Disney Classics, too. There is new music and it flows differently but you still get the same feel that the original one brought you.

The ride has some minor changes too. There are a lot more signs around pushing the new TCM changes. Also, at the exit of the ride there is an awning where you can have your picture taken with your hands in cement molds just like the ones that are on the ground at the entrance to the ride. Overall, we like the changes. It will take some time getting used to but they did not take away from what was already there just enhanced and updated.


Positively Disney

Our Review of Inside Out and a bonus on Lava


Two of us were lucky enough to see a viewing of the new Disney Pixar film Inside Out on Saturday the 13th at AMC Theaters in Downtown Disney (future Disney Springs). I was super exited to meet Joy and Sadness, two of the stars of the movie. I was of course expecting a cute movie and it way surpassed that!

Remember the up and downs you felt when watching Toy Story 3? From the lows of the gang holding hands with impending doom looming and the highs when they found a new forever home. We laughed and we cried. The same is so true with Inside Out.

This is a story of Riley, an 11 year old girl. We get a look into what makes her unique and special. There is so much going on inside her head and we get to see it all! Her emotions are separate and sometimes at odds with each other. When an issue arises, her emotions must work together to help Riley.

We all have feelings like Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust or at least bits of them. They are all splendidly acted and so believable! This movie will actually be a great tool for parents and teachers to talk about the usually difficult topic of emotions.

I give it 4.5 Mickey Ears (I wish there was more music I could sing to)


Lava is a delightful short film inspired by tropical islands. They are beautiful but sometimes so isolated. The story is told by the singing of the volcanos over many thousands of years. It is a beautiful love story that will give you goose bumps and leave you singing. I know I still am!