My 2018 Disney Highlights

1. Staying at The Grand Floridian. I truly enjoy every WDW resort. Each one has its own special features. The grand Floridian is just a step above. The service was great, the views were priceless and I fell like a princess. Summer is a words I am good with going you once and don’t have to do it again. This resort will definitely need a repeat.

2. Walking in Walt’s footsteps. Disneyland was awesome! There’s so much history in each window, each store front and all around. It definitely felt familiar but on a smaller scale. WDW will Always be home to me but I am so glad I got to experience this. It definitely made me miss when characters were roaming around the parks and not just in meet and greets.

3. Andy’s room comes alive! Toy Story land is made up of 3 rides, one quick serve food stand and restaurants and yet it blows my mind! We are shrunken down to the size of a green army man. We see Andy’s giant footprints. Slinky dog is going for a ride! Even seeing the Cooties on top of the bathroom make me smile. I think my favorite part is actually the popsicle stick benches. Or maybe it’s the tinker toys that make up the lights.

Saying goodbye to Illuminations was bittersweet. It was time but it was like an old friend so I will miss the glowing globe.

2019 will bring more changes and I look forward to them all!


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