What is this force that has come over me?

It takes a lot for me to admit this but here I go…it took 23 years for me to finally see the Star Wars movies. Phew. Before, I would see Star Wars fans as, I am sorry, losers. I guess my visual of them was playing with Chewbacca figurines in their mother’s basement after betting on all of the eBay Star Wars auctions. And the clips of the movies that I had seen seemed cheesy, and fake. So I thought of it as a cult classic more than a storied franchise. But living in Florida and seeing the fandom in and around the parks I have a completely different view of them and the movies. There are a lot of Star Wars fans And they are all different types of people. Dads, moms, kids, teens, old people. Seeing this and the amount of pressure from my uncle to watch the movies, I finally did. A force has been awoken.

I understood going into this that these movies were made in the late 70’s so the special effects would not be what I am used to. But with that understood I actually thought the movies were very good. I started with Episode IV and it was interesting. A little long but I get that they were setting up stories for the future movies. Episode V was a little more romantic than I expected but still entertaining and Epsode VI was my favorite with all of the action and had satisfying endings to all the storylines. I have not seen Epsiode I-III because everyone I had talked to said it was unessesary, though I may have to find some time to just watch them anyway. Overall, they were excellent and definitely got me excited to to see the new movie.

Now, I am a fan. I admit I do not know everything and I am sure I would bring shame to much of the fandom with my lack of knowledge on some things. However, I will definitely be in line to see the movie with my r2-d2 shirt and big smile on my face.


Courtney and Kim Gill


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