Star Wars Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios

The Star Wars Launch Bay is like a warm up for the new addition to the Star Wars universe. With The Force Awakens, Disney is embarking on a huge exciting endeavor into the sacred ground of Star Wars. The SWLB is an interactive showcase along with meet and great and gaming area and yes, it does end in a gift shop.

A few years ago, Disney stepped into the world of super heroes with the Marvel Comics movies and records were broken. From Iron Man to the Avengers and even the Agents of Shield on the small screen, they have shown how to make a blockbuster. So Star Wars fan, don’t worry, R2D2 and Han Solo are in good hands. This will be huge and true to the world that George Lucas created.

Update: No spoilers but the movie was amazing! Wonderful job by everyone involved. The Force Awakens made 1 Billion faster than any other movie in history.




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