Menopause and the Mouse

Hot flashes are not fun! They are especially not fun in the extreme Florida heat. 

Unfortunately there is no cure all. But there are some suggestions that could help. Some of these suggestions are really for everyone who wants to stay a little cooler.

1. Bring a cooling towel. They help. In a pinch, even a resort face cloth will help. 

2. Stay hydrated. I can’t stress this enough. I really like how quick service and even the Starbucks in the park Supply you with nice free ice water. Bring a water bottle and keep on filling it up.

3. Find a cool spot to relax in. This could be an air-conditioned ride Like the Carousel of Progress or the big hallway near Club Cool in Epcot.

4. Moisture wicking clothing. Don’t judge leggings too harshly.  Just make sure they are not transparent!

Finally, just know that everyone else is glistening too!

From the Bottom Up – Footwear at WDW

From the Bottom Up 

Walt Disney World is big. Really big. On any given Saturday, my husband and I will usually walk around 10 miles in the parks. I’ve always heard that comfort starts from the bottom up. You need to have good Footwear in order to go to the distance.

I’ve  lived in central Florida for three years now. I have gone through many pairs of shoes. I know what I like and I know what I don’t like. Add on top of this, Florida is hot most of the year.

I am not much of a sneaker person. I don’t like to be confined and I like fresh air on my toes. If I’m going to wear sneakers they are going to coordinate with my outfit and be on my feet for a limited amount of time.

Flip flops have always been my preferred Footwear. From $0.99 Old Navy flip flops to athletic style flip flops, I love them all. They are not very good for your feet or your back. I try to limit wearing them.

My favorite are sandals with a back. Something that loops around my ankle and holds them more securely. Sanic has a great line of yoga mat sandals that are very comfortable. My new favorites are Danskin sandals with memory foam from Walmart. I’ve spent tons of money on sandals and yet my favorite pair were $10.78.

I’ll give two additional pieces of advice:

1. Don’t buy news shoes for your trip. Break them in before hand.

2. I can’t believe I have to say this but don’t wear heels to Disney. I’ve seen it often and it puzzles me.

Gina PD