What I Like More At Walt Disney World Than At Disneyland and California Adventure

I’m sure I’m biased because I visit WDW several times weekly. I’ll be as neutral as possible.

1. Magic Bands make life easier at the parks. Period.

2. Stickers. It’s a small thing but I like to score a few every visit.

3. Fast Pass + makes planning your day easy without running from ride to ride. I haven’t appreciated it enough.

4. Bathrooms. There are so many and they’re everywhere! I missed them in Disneyland.

5. Jungle Cruise. Sure, the rides are almost identical but the queue in Magic Kingdom is covered and has ceiling fans. In Disneyland, you have to go up and down stairs and in the sun. Not a fan.

Bonus – Cinderella Castle is majestic! It looms large and is the focal point of the World.

Bonus bonus – space! With 4 parks and 2 water parks, there’s room for everyone!

What I Liked More At Disneyland and California Adventure Than Walt Disney World

I love Walt Disney World. I’m there all the time. I feel like I know it well. What I enjoy most is that it’s always changing and reinventing itself.

Now that I have visited Disneyland and California Adventure, I see the similarities and differences. There are certain things the California parks rule supreme with:

1. Character interactions. Once upon a time, you could see random characters roaming around Magic Kingdom. That’s a thing of the past. Not so in DL and DCA. Loki, Alice and friends and Pluto were free range and making memories with everyone!

2. Marvel! Captain America rides to his greeting area on a military vehicle. Spiderman is alive and well and signing autographs. Thor, Loki and Gamora are in a courtyard near the Wakanda exhibit. WDW is building a ride for Guardians of the Galaxy in Epcot and a store in Disney Springs.

3. it’s a small world. No contest. The outside of the building in DL moves. You get on the boat outside then float past animal topiaries. There are Disney characters in their perspective countries! Loved it!

4. Benches. Seems like a small thing until you’re tired. I have often said that WDW lacks seating. I now know that it’s because all of the benches are in CA! They are literally everywhere and in abundance.

5. Fuel Rod locations. Again, CA has them all over! I take tons of pictures and videos on my phone. I won’t even get into my Twitter usage. It’s so convenient to find the wonderfully themed machines and not have to search for them.

Bonus – Walt walked here. The history is in every step you take in Disneyland.