The rain never bothered me anyway.


When planning a day in Disney we always imagine that the Sun is out its a cool 80 degrees with a breeze and there is not a cloud in the sky, the day is going to be perfect. Unfortunately that’s not always the case sometime it’s warmer than we expect and the rain won’t stop for hours.
You ask yourself what are we going to do now? Our advice would be put on your favorite hat or throw on the rain ponchos grap the umbrellas and don’t let anything stop you from having fun.

Always make each day your best day!!!


Quick Service – Part 1 (Pizzafari, Tangerine Cafe and Artist’s Palette)

 Quick Service – Part 1



The Animal Kingdom is home to Pizzafari. As the name implies, they serve pizza. They are open for lunch and dinner. They serve personal size thick crust cheese, pepperoni, meat lovers and vegetable pizzas with a Caesar salad on the side. Not only is the pizza really yummy but the salad is excellent. They also serve a meatball sub, a romaine salad and pasta with sauce. The children’s menu offers mac & cheese, cheese pizza, uncrustables and pasta.

The food is good and the restaurant itself is fun and brightly decorated. There is plenty of seating and Cast Member are often seen coloring pictures with children or leading a Congo line. This is a great place for a cool down relaxing meal before trekking off into Africa.

imageTangerine Café in Epcot’s Morocco

Inside Epcot’s Morocco is a gem that is hidden in plain sight. The Tangerine Café has some of the best food that I’ve had in all of WDW. It’s refreshingly different from anything else I had enjoyed. It’s wonderful fresh food simply prepared to be a filling and surprisingly delicious meal.

I had the Shawarma Chicken Platter and it is literally enough for two adults. The meat was moist and flavorful and the combinations of hot and cold food and spices really worked. The hummus was creamy and the pita was warm. The wraps (lamb, chicken and falafel) were also generously sized.

There is seating outside and inside but it’s open to the hustle and bustle of Epcot. Adjacent is also a coffee bar with pastries. Don’t skip it!


The Artist’s Palette at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa

Think “upscale deli” and that’s what you’ll get at The Artist’s Palette. The food is freshly prepared to order in front of you and will often be delivered to your table if you not ready when you pay for your meal.

We had the Caprese Flatbread pizza and the Spicy Italian Beef sandwich. Both were wonderful light meals along with fountain soda and light lemonade. There are multiple yummy looking deserts to choose from including cupcakes. The general store and gift shop are all connected so you can mix grab and go items with your order.

The seating area is accented by colorful lighting fixtures that feel like artwork. There is a drawing station for younger kids but they won’t kick you out if you’re older (don’t judge). Tables can be hard to find and seating can get tight but you can always bring your order down a few steps and eat by the pool.


The Plaza Restaurant in Magic Kingdom


The Plaza Restaurant in Magic Kingdom  is a nice restaurant to sit and relax and enjoy a really good sandwich. We tried three from the menu. I had my favorite turkey club and it didn’t disappoint, overloaded with turkey and bacon and toasted to perfection. My daughter had the Angus burger with brisket and said it was delicious. My son-in-law enjoyed the Ruben and said it was awesome and full of flavor. On a previous visit I had the Philly steak and cheese and of course enjoyed every bite.
   The waitress we had was very friendly  and knew the menu. She kept our glasses full without even having to asked and made our visit relaxing and enjoyable.
   One more thing desserts should not be skipped the Plaza offers many choices from icecream sundies, milkshakes and of course cheese cake  (a family favorite ).
  So the next time you want to try a nice simple lunch don’t hesitate to try The Plaza Restaurant in Magic Kingdom your sure to enjoy.


T-Rex at Downtown Disney (Disney Springs)

T-Rex at Downtown Disney (Disney Springs)

T-Rex is a dinosaur themed restaurant with attached gift shop in Downtown Disney. It is operated by the same company that manages the Rainforest Café. It has much the same feel and a variation on the menu. We went with a 10 year old boy and he was completely fascinated by the whole experience. He loved the sounds and sights and even ate some food.

The atmosphere is fantastic. They did a great job in making you feel like you are in the Dinosaur ride from Animal Kingdom. The dinos move and make sounds and it’s a completely immersive experience. We were in the ice age room and it was chilly, nice touch.

We had the Prehistoric Pasta with Chicken (also available with shrimp), the Bronto Burger and the Boneyard Buffet. All the meals were pleasantly presented and tasty. The portions were very good but the pricing I felt was just a little high. For desert I had the Cosmic Key Lime Pie and it was fantastic!

I thought it was a little loud in there and a little pricy but it was overall a fun time and I would go again!


You’re going to Disney World again?


We have all encountered the people in our lives that just can not understand our love of all things Disney (and especially Walt Disney World). You’re going to Disney World again? You know there are other places to vacation, right? You went to see Frozen but you have no little kids? Inside Out is for children, why would you go see that? Please tell me you don’t wear stupid ears on your head!!!! Is that the song from that ride with all the dolls?

Well yes, I actually have a great collection of ears and they are fantastic! Nothing goes better with a classic Mickey Mouse shirt like the black and red ears but make sure they sparkle! What day in the park would be complete without some Disney bling? It just enhances the magic!

I know there are tons of great places to vacation. How fortunate am I that I have actually have swam the ocean (Atlantic) and climbed around the mountains (NH)! I have followed historical trails (Boston, Salem, Newport, Providence) and stayed at Inns that are older than some states in this country. There is still so much more that I plan on seeing. However, when I want pure bliss, I head to WDW. It’s my happy place!

I don’t think people who don’t frequent WDW or the sites/pages dedicated to it, appreciate that there is a constant state of change. Yes the bones are the same – Cinderella’s Castle and small world aren’t going anywhere but Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is the former home of Take Flight/Dreamflight and there are now two Dumbo rides! That’s progress and that’s why WDW and it’s other counterparts will never be “finished”. If you space your trips a few years apart, you may even need a map!

I grew up on Walt Disney’s World of Color and of course all those fantastic movies (Apple Dumpling Gang). There seemed to be an endless supply of them! My children grew up watching the Disney Channel with such classics as Welcome to Pooh Corner and Adventures in Wonderland and moved on to Fraggle Rock. They are still stuck there! My grandson is a huge fan of the Octonauts – hint hint Hollywood Studios. ABC and ESPN are also Disney entities so pretty much everyone is watching Disney is one shape or form.

There are always new Disney movies coming out. They are about your emotions or superheroes or monsters in your closet but what each one has in common is that they appeal to a demographic that defies logic. You can see any and all age group together. That’s the greatest thing about Disney – it brings people together.

So yes, I am going again and I will be bounding as Ariel and I will be humming the Figment of Imagination song. Don’t judge me, if Darth Vader can wear ears then so can I!


Coral Reef Restaurant – Future World in Epcot

image The Coral Reef Restaurant is located in Future World in Epcot. It is adjacent to The Seas with Nemo and Friends. It’s to the right of the Nemo entrance and can sometimes be overlooked.

The interior of the Coral Reef is slightly dated yet still charming. You definitely get the under the sea feel with the tank open for viewing of all seating. It is really cool to see a turtle swim by as you are enjoying your meal. The seating is a little tight together. The servers really have to work at not bumping into one another.

The food is fantastic! We had the Baked Cheese Manicotti with Maine Lobster Tail and the Grilled New York Strip Steak. They were both cooked to perfection and were beautifully presented. This has been one of the better meals I’ve had in the Parks. The lobster was not overcooked and the steak was moist and not overcooked even at medium well. I could have gone for seconds!

We ended the meal with the Turtle Cheesecake with Caramel and Vanilla Panna Cotta Tart with Key Lime. They were as delicious as they were pretty! A wonderful way to end a meal.

I would definitely go for another round at Coral Reef. I left there full and satisfied! I would give this a 4 out of 5.


Hollywood studios Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights


The holidays at Disney World are as magical as you can imagine with each park decorated with over the top holiday decor that can leave you in awe.
One of our favorites evening events to attend is the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights held nightly at Hollywood Studios during the holiday season. This years dates according to Disney World Web site are November 6, 2015 thru January 3, 2016. Even better to know is this event is included in your park admission so no need to purchase an additional ticket.
The dancing lights begin on New York Street and continue up the street of America wrapped around buildings trees and just about everything while synchronized to the sound of beautiful holiday music. All this and of course Disney adds the magic of snow. It’s like walking through a winter wonderland!
I always tell people to take their time and enjoy this, there is no reason to rush it runs from dusk to when the park closes. No fastpass needed just enjoy the show.


Captain’s Grille at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort


We were missing New England the other day and decided the best thing to do about that was to go to Disney World! We went on the MDE app and got same day lunch reservations for Captain’s Grille at the Yacht Club Resort. Who says you have to plan in advance?

We headed down a few hours early so we could walk around BoardWalk (with it’s super creepy clown pool), Beach Club and Yacht Club. They are beautifully situated around Crescent Lake and are a nice little walk to Epcot’s International Gate entrance.

Stepping into the Yacht Club is very much like walking into Newport, RI. I’ve spent so much time there and Disney really has achieved that feel here. From the lighting (my obsession) to the wainscoting, the interior is dead on New England. I even like that the Cast Members are dressed in their nautical gear.

I always get smug when I’m about to try “authentic” NE Chowder (translated from chowdah). I am most often completely let down. Some restaurants may have the texture of the potatoes right but where’s the hint of pork? Don’t even get me started on the consistency! Well I can happily report that they pretty much nailed it. I would say it’s as good as you’ll get up north. Great job on something that is really a challenge. Because I’m picky, I would say the color was just a tad off. Didn’t effect the taste.

The Lobster Roll (translated from lobstah) was perfection. I would say it was one of the best I’ve ever had. The roll was toasted, the lobster moist and the dressing lightly used and thin. This came with fries that had their own dish so it wouldn’t get your sandwich warm. Perfection!

We didn’t have desert as I was saving myself for Beaches & Cream at the Beach Club Resort. No, we didn’t have the Kitchen Sink, it would be way too much for two people.

I look forward to visiting the Yacht Club or as I will rename it – Newport South.