Art Smith’s Homecoming at Disney Springs

Art Smith’s Homecoming at Disney Springs

There are countless restaurants in Disney Springs, from food stands (Poutine), to quick service (Polite Pig) to great table service (The Boathouse). You will be able to find whatever you want for whatever you are in the mood for and whatever budget you want to stay in.

We were in the mood for a good home cooked meal but it was my turn to cook thus we turned up at Disney Springs. We had heard of Homecoming and Joe is a big Art Smith fan. He follows him on Instagram. Joe’s a huge foodie.

We were not disappointed. We went for early Saturday dinner and had no reservations. We had actually figured on BBQ at the Polite Pig. We only waited 20 minutes.

The whole restaurant runs like a finely tuned machine. The staff is large and seems to work together perfectly. The tables were turned quickly but we didn’t feel rushed. The drinks were replenished and the meal was served and cleared away promptly.

I had the catfish and grits with an apple ale. It was perfect. The fish was fresh and crispy. I’m from New England, so grits aren’t really my thing but these made me change my mind. They were reminiscent of creamy polenta. I would eat them daily!

Joe had the fried chicken and mashed potatoes with sausage gravy. First of all, he couldn’t finish it. That just doesn’t happen, like ever. Joe said it was the best fried chicken he’d ever eaten. The mashed potatoes were creamy but the gravy was just perfection.

We didn’t have desert.

We highly suggest Homecoming to all the foodies out there!

There is a Passholder discount.

Gina & Joe