Quick Service Part 5 – Pinocchio Village Haus, ABC Commissary and Electric Umbrella

Pinocchio Village Haus – Magic Kingdom


Pinocchio’s in Fantasyland is so charming that I am still finding new details to love! It’s beautifully painted and decorated right from the movie. There is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. There is even a small balcony that holds just a few tables. The best spot in the house are the tables that overlook the loading area to it’s a small world.

They have fantastic flatbread pizzas. My favorite is the Caprese with it’s fresh mozzarella and light on the sauce. They also serve a Pepperoni flatbread pizza. There Chicken Parm sandwich can be a little heavy on the sauce.

ABC Commissary – Hollywood Studios


The Commissary seems to be a place where we go and spend some quality time. It’s an air conditioned oasis in the hot months in FL. They have a few outlets to charge your batteries. The cupcakes are always yummy!

The menu does seem to change on a regular basis here. There always seems to be a specialty burger, salad, seafood dish and steak. I have had everything on the menu. The steak is usually the same cut that is being served at the American Pavilion in Epcot. The seafood is usually breaded and the old faithful 1/3 lb Angus Bacon Cheeseburger is always on the menu. Kids meals include burgers, chicken nuggets and usually a sandwich.

Deserts are the seasonal and they always have a fantastic cupcake and signature adult beverage.

There are televisions showing clips of current ABC programs and palm trees lining the rows of seating. The bathrooms are small but almost hidden so not overly crowded. It does tend to get very busy during peak meal times.

Electric Umbrella – Epcot


I’m not sure why but for some reason, my first visit to the Electric Umbrella in Epcot’s Future World was just a few months ago. It’s not far after you get off Spaceship Earth. It’s on the way to Ellen’s Energy Adventure, Mission Space and Test Track. The location is wonderful, there is plenty of both inside and outside seating and the food is good.

The menu is better than burgers and fries. They offer Veggie Naan Wich, Sausage and Pepper Sandwich, Energy Salad with Roasted Chicken and of course two different burgers for adults as well as some fruity adult beverages. Children have great options like the Chilled Chicken Wrap, Macaroni and Cheese and Vegetarian Flatbread. They come with grape and carrot sticks.

I’ve had the children’s Chicken Wrap more than once and it’s my favorite! More than enough for a grown up. It’s also a great spot to people watch. It’s not far from one of the entrances to Mouse Gears. I feel like it’s not as crowded as Sunshine Seasons can get. We have stopped here on our way out too. I won’t forget about it again!


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