A Contemporary Romance

A Contemporary Romance

Donnie and Jamie have been together since 2011. They met at a children’s birthday party. They are such normal nice people. What makes them special is that they have managed to make a blended family work wonderfully well. I think they have like 27 children between them. Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but there are actually 7, with 5 at home and one granddaughter – Natalie.

They have been coming to The Contemporary for several years now and always have to pose in front of “their spot”. It’s become a family tradition.

When Donnie decided to propose to Jamie, he knew where it was going to be. What really impressed me was that he was able to keep it a secret. Even the children didn’t find out until moments before the deed was done. They were going to get their picture in their spot and Jamie was held back by Donnie’s sister.

Donnie wrangled the kids and gave them parts of a sign to hold up. “Jamie Will You Marry Me?” So sweet. I could see that Jamie was truly surprised and very happy when she walked out and saw the display.

I wish them and their big ‘ole family lots of love and happiness! They deserve it! Walt Disney World really is a magical place!

PS: I work with Donnie at Orlando Sanford International Airport. I do not stalk strangers but I’m not above it!



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