Disney Springs – 2017 Holiday Season 

Disney Springs is gearing up for the holiday season. The shops and restaurants are wearing their wreaths and bows. The deer and trees are everywhere! Definitely stop by to get in the holiday spirit. 

Don’t miss the Christmas Tree Trail!


Boatwrights at Port Orleans Riverside 

Port Orleans Riverside is home to boatwright’s restaurant. The resort is a combination of the gentile and rustic South. With activities like fishing,  biking and riding in horse drawn carriages, POR feels much like an all inclusive resort. 

This moderate resort has a sister in Port Orleans French Quarter.  POFQ is smaller and more intimate. The two resorts are just a few minutes walk down a path. 

The only table service in the resorts is Boatwrights. They feature classic southern cooking and a prime rib that can’t be beat. 

Cornbread and whipped honey butter are served while you check out the menu. Joe and I both started with the Crawfish Bisque. It has a little bite and nice chunks of crawfish. 

Joe chose the Prime Rib. It came with rich mashed potatoes and  asparagus. I had the NY Strip with Crawfish Mac & Cheese. Both steaks were cooked to perfection. The sides were incredible. 

We couldn’t have desert. We were stuffed! We walked around the resort for a while and loved the scenery. I highly suggest Boatwrights for all ages but definitely for Foodies.


Menopause and the Mouse

Hot flashes are not fun! They are especially not fun in the extreme Florida heat. 

Unfortunately there is no cure all. But there are some suggestions that could help. Some of these suggestions are really for everyone who wants to stay a little cooler.

1. Bring a cooling towel. They help. In a pinch, even a resort face cloth will help. 

2. Stay hydrated. I can’t stress this enough. I really like how quick service and even the Starbucks in the park Supply you with nice free ice water. Bring a water bottle and keep on filling it up.

3. Find a cool spot to relax in. This could be an air-conditioned ride Like the Carousel of Progress or the big hallway near Club Cool in Epcot.

4. Moisture wicking clothing. Don’t judge leggings too harshly.  Just make sure they are not transparent!

Finally, just know that everyone else is glistening too!

From the Bottom Up – Footwear at WDW

From the Bottom Up 

Walt Disney World is big. Really big. On any given Saturday, my husband and I will usually walk around 10 miles in the parks. I’ve always heard that comfort starts from the bottom up. You need to have good Footwear in order to go to the distance.

I’ve  lived in central Florida for three years now. I have gone through many pairs of shoes. I know what I like and I know what I don’t like. Add on top of this, Florida is hot most of the year.

I am not much of a sneaker person. I don’t like to be confined and I like fresh air on my toes. If I’m going to wear sneakers they are going to coordinate with my outfit and be on my feet for a limited amount of time.

Flip flops have always been my preferred Footwear. From $0.99 Old Navy flip flops to athletic style flip flops, I love them all. They are not very good for your feet or your back. I try to limit wearing them.

My favorite are sandals with a back. Something that loops around my ankle and holds them more securely. Sanic has a great line of yoga mat sandals that are very comfortable. My new favorites are Danskin sandals with memory foam from Walmart. I’ve spent tons of money on sandals and yet my favorite pair were $10.78.

I’ll give two additional pieces of advice:

1. Don’t buy news shoes for your trip. Break them in before hand.

2. I can’t believe I have to say this but don’t wear heels to Disney. I’ve seen it often and it puzzles me.

Gina PD

Orlando’s Magical Dining – in WDW

Orlando’s Magical Dining has finally come to Walt Disney World! Now in its 12th year, more than 100 restaurants are participating. For $35 you receive choices from prix fixe menu. This is a three-course meal starting with an appetizer then a entree and finishing up with dessert.

WDW restaurants include: 

Il Mulino New York Trattoria and Todd English’s bluezoo at Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort; Morimoto Asia, Paddlefish and STK Orlando at Disney Springs; and The Wave, The Turf Club, Olivia’s Cafe, Jiko – The Cooking Place, Grand Floridian Cafe and Boatwright’s Dining Hall

The Wave menu:

Joe and I got last-minute reservations to the Wave at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. We were the first Floridians taking advantage of the deal. We were not disappointed! 

The bread is made onsite and is whole grain and delicious. The butter is topped by red Hawiian sea salt. We both started with Mussels. This was so good, I could eat this every day. It’s garlicky but has a hint of citrus. 

Joe went with the seafood. I had some of his scallops and they were so tender and perfectly caramelized. The grouper was a generous size and perfectly cooked. He said it was wonderful and had a little kick.

I had the chicken. It definitely has a kick but the avacado and queso fresco kept it cool. This was truly one of the most flavorful dishes I’ve ever had. The corn mix was my favorite!

We chose the same dessert – chocolate peanut butter cake. It was very rich and almost too big but we both managed to finish every bite!

We walked away full and satisfied and looking forward to our next Magical Dining experience!

The Spirit of Aloha at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

The Spirit of Aloha dinner show is fantastic! We went to the 8:15 pm show. There is also a 6:15 pm seating. Located at the Polynesian Resort, the wonderful venue is nestled in greenery on the path towards the Grand Floridian. 

The island cuisine is served family style and you can request more of all or any part of the meal. This also includes soft drinks and some beer and wines.

The meal begins with a platter of pineapple, salad and noodles. The lime and coconut dressing is tangy and so fresh tasting.

The main meal consists of steamed vegetables, sticky rice, pulled pork, spare ribs and chicken. The meat is not overly sauced but has a little bite. 

The dessert is a pineapple upside down cake. Super moist!

The show is great! It’s very interactive and truly fun for all ages. There is dancing, singing and audience participation. There is familiar music and expected hula and fire dancing. This is all put together in a charming story narrated by Auntie. I’m sure this show updates and will eventually include Moana touches.

Take your time and walk around the Resort. It’s worth a late night stroll. I highly suggest Spirit of Aloha! I would definitely do this again.


I Hate That I Love You – Part 3

I Hate That I Love You – Part 3

Once again, I find myself enjoying something I swore I never would. Never say never!

1. The Maple Bacon Whoopie Pie – I didn’t eat bacon for years. But seriously, how could I not? See below and try to resist! Find this in Hollywood Studios.

2. Renting a wheelchair – after 2 surgeries in 8 months, I realized that everyone has limits. Get the chair or scooter, take extra breaks and do what you need to make your trip enjoyable.

3. Packing a bag – I’m a minimalist by nature. I love the no bag lines! Sometimes you need to bring stuff to the parks. Sometimes the basics won’t fit in my pocket. Below are my basic supplies. 

Extra – really this is just the opposite. I’ve learned how much I really don’t like ponchoes. It’s like steaming your body. The worst is when I see people cover their babies up in them. Poor kid has got to be swimming in their own sweat. If you get wet, so be it. The rain never bothered me anyway!

Gina PD

Eating Around the World – Epcot

Yes, we’ve all seen the great themed t-shirts endorsing drinking around the world. Some are so clever for wedding parties, fraternities and families. I like the shirts with maps of Epcot – just in case you get lost. However, I’m not much of a drinker and end up being the designated driver.

I prefer eating around the world. Sure it’s easier during festival time and they do take up a good portion of the year. Throw in a curve ball and eat around any park!

If I’m going to eat around Epcot here are my can’t miss dishes:

1. Germany – Macaroni and Cheese Curds. OMG! This is pasta, creamy goodness. It’s beyond words. You can get this at the Bier Garten Buffet and also right outside at the quick service counter.

2. UK – Fish & Chips. This is nothing fancy but wicked good. Again this is served inside at the Rose & Crown and quick service. The fish is perfectly breaded and fried. I actually prefer to sit outside.

3. Morocco – Chicken Shawarma. This is our go to meal. The Tangerine Cafe is a quick service that also serves a great roasted chicken meal. 

4. Desert in France – L’Artisan Des Glaces. You can’t go wrong with ice cream! This is super premium and wonderfully flavored. It’s rich enough to share but who wants to do that!

All of this food can be paired with an adult beverage but doesn’t have to be. No matter what you do, enjoy!


The Heat is On – WDW Fanzone

The Heat is On!

It’s almost that time of year again – Summer. Summer in Florida is another whole story. It’s wicked hot. Like surface of the sun hot. This time of year in WDW, the Reedy Creek people get a work out reviving dehydrated park visitors.

So please, drink all day, every day and I’m not talking about adult beverages or even soda. Drink water. I know it’s expensive to buy, so get the free stuff. It’s plentiful at every quick service restaurant. There are even stations set up in some of the parks (Crystal Palace and AK Starbucks) and at all of the resorts.

Bring a water bottle and fill up at water fountains. But just drink. I’ve heard that if you are thirsty then it’s already too late and that you may already be dehydrated. No need to fuss with energy drinks or even Gatorade, good ole H2O is enough.


Positively Disney