Recharging the Magic

Recharging the Magic

My brother works at the Magic Kingdom. That means that he’s in Disney 40 plus hours each week. So what does he do on his day off? He goes to Disney World. He says it’s so he can recharge the Magic. Working there, I guess you can forget just how wonderful it is. I’m glad he wants to remember and I hope all Cast Members enjoy the world.

I go to Disney World every weekend and sometimes after work. I still love it each and every time. Sometimes I just visit resorts, or stop in to a park for just an hour and sometimes I spend from opening to fireworks. Each visit recharges my belief in Magic.

For us, there’s nothing better than watching people discovering the Magic for the first time. Seeing a child spot Cinderella’s Castle from Main Street can alway make me smile. Sure, around 3pm (we call this tantrum O:clock) that same child’s attitude may have changed. A quick nap and some Mickey ears will solve that issue.
I hope you get to recharge the Magic as often as you need! When you can’t be in Disney World, enjoy a piece of it at home.

Morimoto Asia

Morinoto Asia has been some of the best Asian inspired food I have had since moving to Florida. No part of my experience here was less than spectacular.

My family and I were lucky to be the first ones seated on our visit and was told that we could explore the building. The building and its decor is ultra modern with what looked like reclaimed wood everywhere and white/red features. There is a range from tall tables, regular tables, very modern short tables, and circular booths. The restaurant was separated into different sections. There was an upstairs and downstairs bar for people casually coming in for drinks and appatizers. A sushi bar for people to explore their taste buds and a large dining room with more of a family setting. Each floor also had an outdoor patios with lounge chairs.

The food here was unbelievably good. The serving sizes were perfect. We definitely did not leave hungry. The two dishes featured above are the Lo Mein Noodle and Pad Thai both with chicken. They were both very flavorful and filling. Another dish that we ordered was the Orange Chicken which was equally as delicious as the other dishes. Our only suggestion when you order a meat dish is order a side rice($2) since the plates come with a steamed leafy vegtable side that picky veggie eaters will definitely not enjoy, although it was very good for veggie lovers.

The pricing here I thought was reasonable for the amount of food that I received and the great service. I would definitely suggest this restaurant for anyone who finds themselves needing a new place for a date night or for families as their last meal heading to the airport. It was definitely a place I will be visiting again!

For the Hidden Mickey lovers you can find many Mickeys and other beloved characters throughout the decor and paintings on both the inside and outside of the building. This is one of the 5 I was able to spot.

Hope you enjoy!


And On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink: The Unwritten Rules of How to Dress in Disney World

Okay, not rules, more like, guidelines!

We’ve all seen it right? Each park seems to have its own themed attire. Walking around Magic Kingdom girls dress as their favorite princess or show off their favorite character on their shirts. All four parks have their theme that many park guests just seem to gravitate towards.

Magic Kingdom


Like I said above, women will find a way to represent their favorite princess or even pay homage to all of the princesses or favorite character in the way they dress. Or they just dress in a way that makes them feel like a princess. I tend to do more of the paying homage to them. I really like to be comfortable in the parks so I will often wear a shirt with my favorite character(that changes daily), exercise bottoms and my favorite ears! I never worry about coordinating shoes since I am really just for optimal comfort and feel like everyone else should as well.

For others, they go all out. Something that has really been popular at the parks lately is Disney  Bounding. Wearing costumes to the parks for adults is not allowed but that doesn’t have to stop you from making you feel like your favorite character. Bounding doesn’t mean you have to look exactly like the character. You can simply wear their color scheme and you are golden.

Hollywood Studios 

For Hollywood Studios it is much more obvious that there is a “dress code” for entering the park. I think it’s much more prevelent because both men and women do it….


From t-shirts to bounding to almost everybody having a light saber, walking into Hollywood Studios can sometimes feel like you’re walking into a Star Wars Convention. Most wear their vintage looking t-shirts but other get quite creative.

Animal Kingdom

I think this one is pretty obvious. Animal Kingdom’s forever fashion tend is animal print. Some people keep it minimal, finishing their favorite outfit with an animal print accessory. Some kick it up a notch and have a piece of their clothing be animal print. And for a very few everything is animal print. So whatever your style type is make sure you pack your animal print for Animal Kingdom.


This park is very hard to pin point trend. Many come dressed representing their country so they can feel festive walking around the World Showcase.

This park is where you see a lot of the group shirts. These shirts usually have some saying that indicated what the group is celebrating. A lot of the shirts will include drinking around the world which is a game adults play where they drink in each country at the World Showcase.

Epcot is definitely the most relaxed park when it comes to fashion. No one seems to go all out. With the amount of great food and drinks they offer I prefer to wear my looser fitting clothes! Lol!!

So, how do you dress in Disney World? Are you more laid back with just a few Disney touches to your outfit or do you give yourself a memorable outfit for each park? Also, what other trends do you notice in the parks?

PD Courtney

All outfits made by myself on

Bringing back the Disney that once was…

Bringing back the Disney that once was and building a new land from the scraps.

In our memory banks, we all have a favorite Disney ride or show that has been closed or reimagined. I’m sure we could create a whole new land with just the discarded pieces. Here is what I would put in my new land:

1. Mr Toad’s Wild Ride – this was a zany slow moving dark ride. Mr Toad was original to the park and closed in 1998. The Winnie the Pooh ride pays homage with the passing of the deed to Owl. My kids loved Mr Toad from the Sing A Long VHS tapes.
2. ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter – this was operational from 1995-2003 and was replaced by Stitch’s Great Escape. I love Stitch but this is just wrong. I liked being scared!
3. Body Wars – once upon a time in Epcot, there was a Wonders of Life Pavillion. Operating from 1998-2007. It was a place of fun and learning. Body Wars had it all. Think Star Tours in the human body! The Making of Me can stay in the past. No one needs to remember that!
Until the Imagineers make my dreams come true, I will visit Mr Toad at the Haunted Mansion graveyard, see the old AE props in the Stitch reincarnation and pretend to fight infections in Star Tours!

Bonus – The Adventurers Club at Pleasure Island – Kungaloosh! I spent some great times there. You can still watch via YouTube the silly fantastic antics that ensued.

What would you put in your new land?

Pictures are from Wikipedia

10 Reasons to Resort Hop on the Monorail

10 Reasons to Resort Hop on the Monorail

I could probably come up with 100 reasons off the top of my head why you should resort hop on the Monorail. I’m sure everyone else could do the same thing. The challenge is to keep it to 10!

  1. The decadence of the Grand Floridian – From your greeting by Richard at the front door, to the vast majestic foyer, nothing is done on a small scale here. The flowers are huge and the accessories are just perfection. This is definitely a statement. image
  2. The Grand Floridian Café – It’s just perfection. The food is so wonderful and the service is impeccable. The restaurant itself feels warm and intimate. I am always pretty lucky about getting last minute seating – as long as the party isn’t too large. Grand Floridian Cafe
  3. Weddings – We’ve been lucky enough to catch a few weddings at the Grand Floridian and some bridal portraits being taken. I can’t think of a more beautiful location!
  4. The Polynesian will transport you to a beautiful island oasis! From the ever-burning torches to the Tiki statues, you will want to sit with your Dole Whip and take it all in at a slow pace. image
  5. Best Friend’s Breakfast with Lilo and Stitch is a buffet meal that is great for kids of all ages. While I’m not a huge fan of Stitch’s Great Escape, I do love the movies and the series. Couldn’t we all use a little more Elvis in our lives?
  6. My super secret reason for loving the Poly – when I park at the Ticket and Transportation Center, I walk to the Poly instead and catch the Monorail from there. When you get off the trams – turn left and follow the signs.  Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.
  7. The Contemporary is home to great mosaic work by Disney Artist Mary Blair. It’s presence is seen all around the 4th floor. Keep your eye out for the 5 legged goat!

  8. The Monorail runs through the building!
  9. The Wave for breakfast. This is probably one of my favorite breakfasts in WDW. It’s very laid back and because there are no characters, it’s very quiet. It feels like the world’s best continental breakfast at a really great hotel.
  10. Fireworks! The views from the Monorail Resorts are amazing! It’s as if these properties were created just for this purpose.
  11. Bonus – Shades of Green is a Dept of Defense owned resort adjacent to the Monorail resorts and nestled in the Disney Golf Courses. They have their own busses for transportation, along with their own shopping and dining. It is not open to the public and you must meet eligibility guidelines. This is a beautiful resort with many benefits.



Quick Service Part 7 – Pepper Market and the Backlot Express

The Pepper Market at Coronado Springs

 Pictures as of Sept 13 2015 3645.jpg

The Pepper Market is a very well equipped food court. Their menu and choices are a little different from some other resorts at WDW. It’s beautifully decorated and has plenty of indoor seating. There is also a seating area outside of the PM.

For breakfast, they have the quick grab and go items – yogurts, pastries etc. They also have some really great omelets and of course the famous Mickey Waffles. Two items stick out as mouthwatering – the Egg, Chorizo & Cheese Sandwich and the Mexican Eggs Benedict Burrito. The kid’s menu is smaller but can be more than enough food for an adult.

Lunch and Dinner is where PM really excels. The Tacos, Enchiladas and Cheese Empanadas are fresh and made to order. The Market Nachos are the BEST! The baked pasta and chicken are good but the BBQ Ribs are amazing but can be messy.

Pictures as of Sept 13 2015 4020.jpg

The Pepper Market is a destination for our family as the food is wonderful and the scenery is pretty special. It’s nice that after you stuff yourself, you can go for a walk around the resort to take in the views and burn some calories.

Backlot Express at Hollywood Studios


I need to write this fast before it changes! This wonderful indoor/outdoor quick service spot is located on the side of Space Tours and behind the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. I’m sure it will be completely Star Wars themed as it has been during Stars Wars weekends for several years.

Lunch and Dinner are served and are the basic in-Park fare with a twist of the Force.


The children’s menu is limited to The Power Pack, Uncrustables and Dark Side Chicken and Waffles. There are a few deserts and the cupcakes are updated on a regular basis.

From some spots, you can watch Jedi Training on the stage beside Star Tours. I am excited to see this restaurant reimagined!