My Fast Pass – Only Rides

Rides that I won’t go on unless I have a Fast Pass

Walt Disney World is a pretty popular place. Very popular! There was once very distinct on and off seasons to visit. It now seems like it’s always hopping! I haven’t seen much off time in over a year of visiting each week.

There are also very popular rides in each of the four parks. We always joke that there can be 10 people in Magic Kingdom but the line for Peter Pan is 50 minutes! I mean, I really enjoy the ride but wow! The new queue is really fun and interactive at least.



Magic Kingdom

  1. Peter Pan’s Flight – see above
  2. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin – This is a favorite ride of several generations. I just wish the queue were more entertaining.
  3. Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train – It’s the newest funnest biggest ride so it’s always got an obscenely long line.

Instead, I’ll go on:

  1. The Carousel of Progress – It’s nostalgic and campy but it’s also a great place to cool down or stay dry.
  2. Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor – This is an interactive comedy show with everyone’s favorite one eyed green monster – Mike Wazowski!
  3. The Barnstormer Featuring the Great Goofini – This is a fast little roller coaster in the circus area near Dumbo. Always a blast!


Hollywood Studios

  1. Rock N Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith & Tower of Terror – I have seen the lines for these rides actually meet up! Insane! I’ll just drive really fast home and then jump on a broken elevator.
  2. Toy Story Mania – As wonderful as the theming is, I can’t spend 150 minutes of my life in Andy’s room.

Instead, I’ll go on:

  1. The Great Movie Ride – The line can be long at times but it does constantly move. It’s pretty rare that they have a break down and I love the new movie at the beginning.
  2. Star Tours – Again this ride does move at a good clip. The queue is super spacey!
  3. Muppet Vision 3D – I don’t really need an excuse to see this show.



Pictures as of Sept 13 2015 4424Epcot

  1. Test Track – This is a great ride. I love the remodel but not the long long lines.
  2. Soaring – Unless you run to this ride as soon as Epcot opens, you could be waiting hours. Literally.

Instead, I’ll go on:

  1. Mission: Space – The line moves. There are the Orange and Green Teams for more or less intense versions of the ride. Double the speed.
  2. Living with the Land – Or even better yet, The Behind the Seeds Tour. It’s only $20 per person and is a lot of fun and educational too!


safariAnimal Kingdom

  1. Kilimanjaro Safaris – This is a great opportunity to see animals up close and personal in their own habitats.
  2. Kali River Rapids – Who can resist the chance to cool down with a good soaking?

Instead, I’ll go on:

  1. Rafiki’s Planet Watch – Hop on a slow train ride to a nature station. You even get to interact with the animals!
  2. Flights of Wonder – Birds will swoop in just inches above you! They are so well trained and entertaining. Well worth the visit.


Extra hint: Instead of waiting in lines for autographs, I go to character meals and get a bunch all at once. Breakfast and Lunch are not awfully expensive and the food is usually quite yummy.


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