3 Reasons to Visit Walt Disney World in February – Courtney

1.Weather: Most people imagine their Disney Vacation as a warm. There is a time of the year in Florida that the weather drops to the low 60’s. For people who hate the constant feeling of walking on the sun while in the parks, this time of year is perfect. Just don’t forget your long pants and at least a sweatshirt!

 2.Crowds: The warm times at the park also tend to be the busiest. The beginning of I February has very low crowds so the lines to your favorite rides are much shorter. Also, there is less of a struggle getting around the parks and quick service eateries. As I mentioned, it’s the beginning of February that is less crowded towards the end of the month though, the crowds pick up since Spring Break starts for much of central Florida.

 3.Valentine’s Day: I cannot think of a much more romantic thing to do on Valentine’s Day than spending the day with the one you love at Magic Kingdom. Getting a picture kissing in front of the iconic Cinderella’s Castle, wearing couple Mickey ears. You can even finish up your day with dinner at Tony’s Restaurant or Be Our Guest Restaurant, two of the more romantic venues on Disney property. If you are looking for a less expensive way to show your love a lovely stroll around Cresent Lake on one of the Boardwalk bikes would be romantic a great way to see part of Disney that most guest don’t get to see. There are also some nice sit down restaurants all around Cresent Lake.



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