Walt Disney World with a Newborn

This is a wonderful article by a great young Mom to three of the cutest boys ever! Ok, busted, we are related but they truly are such a nice young family who loves Disney!

There’s is nothing more magical than taking your kids to Disney World. No matter the age. Even a newborn. They have no idea what’s going on, but you yourself are so excited for your baby’s firsts, even his first trip to the Mouse!!! We came to Disney my entire pregnancy, and lots of our pictures are me with a big ol’ belly.


But taking Kyson to see Mickey and Minnie for the first time was so exciting to me.

K fan

Not only is that exciting, but the parks themselves are great for newborns. Did you know that each park has a Baby Center with nursing rooms? As a mom of a nursing newborn it’s nice to go to a quiet place and relax out of the sun and heat. Now I’m not saying that they will yell at you if you nurse in the park, but knowing there is a nice place nurse is comforting. Just like going anywhere you do pack a lot of things for baby but if you do forget something the baby centers probably have them there to purchase. From diapers to baby food to even juices. There are also microwaves and bottle warmers to warm formula up. It’s such an amazing service there.



I like to babywear my kids and with a newborn it’s so easy to do that without having to lug a stroller and their infant carseat on the tram. Its also nice to walk around the parks wearing him and being able to actually get on the rides and not have to deal with the stroller. Now I’m not saying you can get on Tower Of Terror with your newborn, but rides like Buzz and Toy Story Mania that don’t have a height restriction make it easy to be able to spend time with your family and not have to sit out of a ride. Disney really is such a magical place and the characters really enjoy seeing your baby. So if you’re planning a trip with your newborn, don’t be afraid. Just have so much fun making memories.


Thanks for reading this!!! Have a Magical Time!!!


Thanks to Kelsey, Kyle, Keaton, Karter and Kyson for sharing your story! You need to keep us updated on enjoying Disney World with three little ones in tow.





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