Other People’s Vacations

Other People’s Vacations

Since moving to Florida last year, I feel like I am living in other people’s vacations. When I go to the parks, I am surrounded by people enjoying their vacations. When we have company from New England we are enjoying their vacations with them. I work at the Orlando Sanford International Airport, so I actually walk through Terminal B to get to my office.

I am surrounded by travelers all the time and living in Central Florida now, there is no escaping people on vacation.
I have made some observations and have pieces of advice for people on vacation. Take it for what it is worth but I see that the same things over and over.

1. Stop over-planning – definitely have a game plan but do not have every minute of your vacation planned ahead of time. There are always going to be circumstances beyond your control and that’s okay. Plan for downtime. Tantrums will happen (for both children and adults). Go with the flow.
2. Do not buy new shoes for your vacation. Wear some broken in already and very comfortable. On any given day you can walk up to 10 miles in Walt Disney World! It’s not a bad idea to shove a pair of cheap flip flops in your bag as a back up.
3. Check out the weather ahead of time and dress appropriately. It is not always 95 degrees in Florida and when it is, remember a hat. Bring a poncho or umbrella. You will get wet but you will dry. It can feel chilly at night after the sun goes down, you may want a sweatshirt in the “winter”.
4. Stay hydrated! Quick service restaurants all have free ice water. When the real-feel temp is over 100, you will sweat!
5. Be respectful of the cast members and other travelers. Nothing can make or break a vacation like a bad attitude. Also you never know when your next magical moment can happen!

Finally, enjoy yourself. Enjoy people watching and sitting on the grass and doing nothing sometimes. Some of your best memories can be made at the resort pools just being silly.



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