My Positively Disney Day – Gina

My Positively Disney Day

My day starts like so many others – get up and go to work. I do work at a cool place so that’s nice. I work in HR at Orlando Sanford Airport. The fun comes when I walk out of my office and into the airport itself. I love watching people greeting loved ones and getting excited to visit Mickey! Not that health insurance isn’t fun but going on top of the parking deck and watching planes take off is pretty exciting.

Gina at Work

Around lunch time, I remembered that Rick Springfield was going to be performing at Epcot that night.  I did not want to miss that! I love the Eat to the Beat concerts. By about 3pm, me and some girls from work were getting excited for the night and a little hopped up on caffeine via Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. I won’t lie, we were looking forward to the German Pavilion and some caramel yumminess too.

We ran out of work at 5pm sharp, traveling together to avoid adding to the traffic on I4. We met up with Kim & Steve, my sister and our favorite security guard at WDW. I have to say that. They had saved our favorite seats outside at the American Pavilion. It’s a great spot for people watching and if you are not into the crowds, you can enjoy all the shows from that spot. They had gone early and spent the day in Epcot. Without me. While I was working. No big deal, I hope they enjoyed themselves while I was working.

Kim & Steve - American Pavilion

Rick, as his close friends refer to him, had already performed one show and was in the middle of another. We were able to jam out while eating and spent quality time with Kim & Steve. We went to Germany when the set was done and met the popcorn of my dreams. It was still warm. Good heavens!

Rick Springfield at Epcot

Lisa Judi Gina and our new friend in Germany

By the time we made it back into America, the show was starting. Kim & Steve had nabbed some great center seats. My friends and I were able to stand up in the back and it was actually a nice spot. It was a great time! It was Rick Springfield’s 66th birthday and he put on a fantastic show!


After enjoying Illuminations in Morocco, we went our separate ways. I was lucky that Joe was working at the Grand Floridian that night so I caught a ride home with him. I did get home late and I still had to get up early for work the next day but it was totally worth it! Looking forward to the next show!

Grand Floridian

One of my favorite things about the move down to Florida is that you still have a normal life with work and responsibilities but the fun times get to include Disney! Sure, they don’t have to but it’s a great perk!


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