Epcot’s Germany – Biergarten

Biergarten in Epcot’s Germany


Welcome to Oktoberfest in Germany! The music is loud and crowd is moving and the beer is on tap and free flowing! The seating is communal, with most tables sitting 8 people. There could be children dancing and running around and cheers ringing out from table to table. This is a fun place! The interior is a small village in the midst of a celebration and you are invited to join in!

Oh and the food? It’s fantastic! It’s not spicy and is more in the comfort food variety. Their macaroni and cheese is heart stoppingly wonderful. Like what Mom would have cooked if she lived on a farm. The soups change regularly but the split pea and creamy chicken are fantastic. There is a meat carving station with roast pork and German meatloaf. The spatzle and roasted potatoes are great with the roasted chicken and pork schnitzel.

The salad area is full of familiar goodies like potato salad and cucumber salad. The pretzel rolls are outstanding! Maybe even as good as the macaroni and cheese, maybe.

The deserts are surprisingly light and of course yummy. The cheesecake triangles are so good but don’t miss out on the apple strudel with vanilla sauce.

You will not walk away hungry and you may pick up some new friends along the way!

We have always been able to make reservations for the same day.




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