Quick Service Part 3 – Pizza Planet, Ghiaradelli’s and Everything POP Dining

Toy Story’s Pizza Planet at Hollywood Studios

When you step into Pizza Planet, you are walking into the first Toy Story movie. There are video games, Randy Newman songs, Green Aliens and of course the smell of pizza everywhere. This is a nice place to relax and enjoy a meal. There is plenty of seating on two floors and can be quite busy at peak times.

The menu is limited; personal sized pizzas with a few varied toppings served with a small Caesar salad, antipasto and meatball sub – children’s menu also includes a mini chicken sub. They also offer a few different seasonal cupcakes. They do have gluten free pizza and cookies.

Stop in to feel like part of the Toy Story gang!

Haight AshBerry strawberry, vanilla and blueberry sundae on a table in front of Ghirardelli mural

(Picture from Disneyworld.disney.go.com)

Ghiaradelli’s Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop – located in Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney)

Shopping can be exhausting! With so many wonderful options, you can’t help but pick up a little something for every person on your list. Take a load off your feet and treat yourself to a perfect frozen confection!

Ghiaradelli’s has every decadent chocolate that you can imagine! Then you can get started on the ice cream. The options are limitless, from sundaes to shakes to smoothies. They have something to appease every appetite. Who says you can’t have a Treasure Island Warm Brownie Sundae for lunch? I’m not judging! Just return the favor when I indulge in a Sea Salt Caramel Banana Quake Shake for dinner.

They have light options also. I thought I should add that.

Everything POP Shopping and Dining – located at Pop Century Resort

POP Century is a delightfully themed value priced resort. There are different decades represented throughout the main building which houses the front desk, food court and shopping area and buildings along with the pools. The 50’s building with Lady and the Tramp accents have a bowling pin pool that has always been my favorite.

Every POP is the food court that has been recently renovated. From the beautiful flooring to the new artwork, this is a wonderful place for a meal before or after your jaunts into the parks.

For breakfast, you can grab a pastry or sandwich freshly made. Platters are available with any combination of eggs, meats and potatoes. Mickey waffles are always a favorite and especially topped with fruit! If you are using the Disney Dining Plan, we sometimes use a snack credit for a muffin for breakfast.

Lunch and dinner has the normal fare of pizza, macaroni & cheese and chicken nuggets. There are different sandwiches and build your own salads as well as a huge selection of specialty burgers.  Pasta is always a favorite here for our family. There are also some veggie options that are quite yummy.

Deserts are varied and wonderful! From cookies to ice cream, you can’t go wrong. The Tie-Dye cheesecake is probably the best known and is fantastic!

There are toasters and microwaves available. I can’t tell you now many times we’ve brought Pop Tarts for the kids. Microwave popcorn goes great for the movies in the evenings.


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