You’re going to Disney World again?


We have all encountered the people in our lives that just can not understand our love of all things Disney (and especially Walt Disney World). You’re going to Disney World again? You know there are other places to vacation, right? You went to see Frozen but you have no little kids? Inside Out is for children, why would you go see that? Please tell me you don’t wear stupid ears on your head!!!! Is that the song from that ride with all the dolls?

Well yes, I actually have a great collection of ears and they are fantastic! Nothing goes better with a classic Mickey Mouse shirt like the black and red ears but make sure they sparkle! What day in the park would be complete without some Disney bling? It just enhances the magic!

I know there are tons of great places to vacation. How fortunate am I that I have actually have swam the ocean (Atlantic) and climbed around the mountains (NH)! I have followed historical trails (Boston, Salem, Newport, Providence) and stayed at Inns that are older than some states in this country. There is still so much more that I plan on seeing. However, when I want pure bliss, I head to WDW. It’s my happy place!

I don’t think people who don’t frequent WDW or the sites/pages dedicated to it, appreciate that there is a constant state of change. Yes the bones are the same – Cinderella’s Castle and small world aren’t going anywhere but Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is the former home of Take Flight/Dreamflight and there are now two Dumbo rides! That’s progress and that’s why WDW and it’s other counterparts will never be “finished”. If you space your trips a few years apart, you may even need a map!

I grew up on Walt Disney’s World of Color and of course all those fantastic movies (Apple Dumpling Gang). There seemed to be an endless supply of them! My children grew up watching the Disney Channel with such classics as Welcome to Pooh Corner and Adventures in Wonderland and moved on to Fraggle Rock. They are still stuck there! My grandson is a huge fan of the Octonauts – hint hint Hollywood Studios. ABC and ESPN are also Disney entities so pretty much everyone is watching Disney is one shape or form.

There are always new Disney movies coming out. They are about your emotions or superheroes or monsters in your closet but what each one has in common is that they appeal to a demographic that defies logic. You can see any and all age group together. That’s the greatest thing about Disney – it brings people together.

So yes, I am going again and I will be bounding as Ariel and I will be humming the Figment of Imagination song. Don’t judge me, if Darth Vader can wear ears then so can I!



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