T-Rex at Downtown Disney (Disney Springs)

T-Rex at Downtown Disney (Disney Springs)

T-Rex is a dinosaur themed restaurant with attached gift shop in Downtown Disney. It is operated by the same company that manages the Rainforest Café. It has much the same feel and a variation on the menu. We went with a 10 year old boy and he was completely fascinated by the whole experience. He loved the sounds and sights and even ate some food.

The atmosphere is fantastic. They did a great job in making you feel like you are in the Dinosaur ride from Animal Kingdom. The dinos move and make sounds and it’s a completely immersive experience. We were in the ice age room and it was chilly, nice touch.

We had the Prehistoric Pasta with Chicken (also available with shrimp), the Bronto Burger and the Boneyard Buffet. All the meals were pleasantly presented and tasty. The portions were very good but the pricing I felt was just a little high. For desert I had the Cosmic Key Lime Pie and it was fantastic!

I thought it was a little loud in there and a little pricy but it was overall a fun time and I would go again!



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