Seeing Double

I couldn’t lift either out!

Seeing Double

We recently took our first trip to Disneyland and California Adventure. We wanted to walk in Walt’s footsteps. It was amazing of course!

The buildings on Main Street felt familiar. I knew the scale of Disneyland was smaller than Magic Kingdom but the castle was much shorter than I imagined.

Cars Area in Art of Animation WDW – Cars Land in DL
POP Century’s 80’s section in WDW – Toontown in DL

Despite being on separate coasts, so much is the same. We didn’t get lost. The differences between the World and Land were fun to find. Some were easy to find like Mr. Toad still resides in California. While Rodger Rabbit is a popular guy, The Muppets are non-existents. The Haunted Mansions look so different from one another but the rides are very similar. The addition of the Hatbox Ghost in DL is the most notable. California also has Disney characters in their respective countries in small world. That was great!

Haunted Mansion DL/WDW
It’s a small world is just better at DL!
The Astro Orbiter in WDW is brighter and on top of a building!
Must have been a sale? One is in Main Street WDW and the other in the Haunted Mansion in DL.
The Castles

California Adventure feels more like a WDW park. It feels big and spread out. The tower was reimagined with Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel superheroes roam the streets! I saw Patrick in Soaring. Ariel still got her happily ever after.

I didn’t know our Lego friend had a twin!

We have a trip planned for September 2019 to Disneyland Paris. I’m looking forward to comparing three Disney parks.

Giant marbles in Tomorrowland


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