And On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink: The Unwritten Rules of How to Dress in Disney World

Okay, not rules, more like, guidelines!

We’ve all seen it right? Each park seems to have its own themed attire. Walking around Magic Kingdom girls dress as their favorite princess or show off their favorite character on their shirts. All four parks have their theme that many park guests just seem to gravitate towards.

Magic Kingdom


Like I said above, women will find a way to represent their favorite princess or even pay homage to all of the princesses or favorite character in the way they dress. Or they just dress in a way that makes them feel like a princess. I tend to do more of the paying homage to them. I really like to be comfortable in the parks so I will often wear a shirt with my favorite character(that changes daily), exercise bottoms and my favorite ears! I never worry about coordinating shoes since I am really just for optimal comfort and feel like everyone else should as well.

For others, they go all out. Something that has really been popular at the parks lately is Disney  Bounding. Wearing costumes to the parks for adults is not allowed but that doesn’t have to stop you from making you feel like your favorite character. Bounding doesn’t mean you have to look exactly like the character. You can simply wear their color scheme and you are golden.

Hollywood Studios 

For Hollywood Studios it is much more obvious that there is a “dress code” for entering the park. I think it’s much more prevelent because both men and women do it….


From t-shirts to bounding to almost everybody having a light saber, walking into Hollywood Studios can sometimes feel like you’re walking into a Star Wars Convention. Most wear their vintage looking t-shirts but other get quite creative.

Animal Kingdom

I think this one is pretty obvious. Animal Kingdom’s forever fashion tend is animal print. Some people keep it minimal, finishing their favorite outfit with an animal print accessory. Some kick it up a notch and have a piece of their clothing be animal print. And for a very few everything is animal print. So whatever your style type is make sure you pack your animal print for Animal Kingdom.


This park is very hard to pin point trend. Many come dressed representing their country so they can feel festive walking around the World Showcase.

This park is where you see a lot of the group shirts. These shirts usually have some saying that indicated what the group is celebrating. A lot of the shirts will include drinking around the world which is a game adults play where they drink in each country at the World Showcase.

Epcot is definitely the most relaxed park when it comes to fashion. No one seems to go all out. With the amount of great food and drinks they offer I prefer to wear my looser fitting clothes! Lol!!

So, how do you dress in Disney World? Are you more laid back with just a few Disney touches to your outfit or do you give yourself a memorable outfit for each park? Also, what other trends do you notice in the parks?

PD Courtney

All outfits made by myself on


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