My “Expert” Advice 

Before moving to Central Florida two and a half years ago, I had visited WDW. A lot! I believe over 30 trips. I mainly stayed onsight and mostly in good sized groups. Since moving down, I’m in the parks at least once a week. I guess that makes me an expert?

1. Stay onsight. I know it’s more expensive but being emersed in the complete Disney universe is worth it. Enjoy your resort, each one is wonderful. Choose one that suits you. Don’t love it? Go to a different resort next trip or even split your stay. No matter where you stay, take time to visit the resorts, they are so beautifully themed and each one feels like it’s own world.

2. Buy the food plan. Even if it doesn’t save you money (but I think it would), the convenience is worth it. Again, there are different levels so choose wisely. This also depends in part on how structured you want to vacation. Try new places, new foods and get out of your comfort zone. I feel like it will take years for me to eat at every restaurant and I’m up to that challenge.

3. Free stuff. Watch a movie on the lawn of your resort and get popcorn. Play hidden Mickey scavenger hunts. My favorite is at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Visit the resorts, all of them! Stay hydrated with free ice water at any quick service restaurant and spread throughout the parks (Crystal Palace for example). Stickers!!! Who doesn’t love stickers!

Most of all, relax and enjoy! Make every vacation the best one ever!

Gina – Positively Disneyt. 


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