I Hate That I Love You – Part 2

This is part 2 to an article from last May (see here).  I just want to note that I am still not feeling the love for fanny packs. Not gonna happen! However my list keeps growing so I figured I’d update.


  1. I hate that I love tropical prints. My pants match my couch. I’m not proud of this. We have a dog and a cat who shed and a cream colored couch so we use runners on the furniture. We’re in Florida so we have some tropical touches. Apparently I like the peach and olive combination. (This is a runner from a Disney Resort that I got at the Cast Store. Does anyone know which resort?) pants
  2. I hate that I would love to wear a Snuggie to the parks. I am now one of those people who freezes when the temperature is below 70 degrees out. I used to shovel snow in shorts, boots and with an ice coffee! Now I wrap up in a blanket to watch Fantasmic. I haven’t quite gone to the dark side yet – like I don’t have socks or anything weird like that but I like a nice Mickey hoodie. Boathouse
  3. I hate that I love to compare any other hotel to Disney Resorts. This one has a great pool but is it as good as Ol’ Man Island at Port Orleans Riverside? I like the buffet at this hotel but it’s not as good as The Wave at the Contemporary. Nice room, cute balcony but at Animal Kingdom Lodge they have zebras. Real zebras and giraffes. My goal is to stay at each Disney resort – I’m getting there. zebra

Bonus: I think the Castle dressed up like a pink confection was adorable! I visited 3 times during that anniversary celebration. castle

Gina PD


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