Disney Unplugged – When Your Batteries Die

The unthinkable sometimes happens. The battery in your cell phone has died. How to survive in Disney now.

1. Take a deep breath and relax. The twitterverse and Snapchat will be there when you get back to them.

2. Look around, you are in Disney World! This is the happiest place on earth. Between rides and shows and people watching, you will be entertained.

3. Take advantage of PhotoPass and Memory Maker. You will find Disney photographers all over and the pictures come out amazing! Don’t worry, you won’t miss any good shots.

4. If you really need to be connected, each Park has the ability to charge your phone for you. Go to guest services and they can help you out. You could also purchase a Fuelrod battery charger.

My cell phone died today. I hate to admit it but I am always on my phone. Always in Twitter and Facebook and Snapchat. It was actually pretty freeing. I may try to disconnect even if I don’t have to. Maybe I’ll see things that I didn’t even know were there.



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