And We’re On To 2017…

And We’re On To 2017…

2016 was full of challenges for me. I’m ready to move onto 2017!

There are some things that I am trying to be excited about, like the new Magic Band. It just seems so big and bulky. My wrists are oddly small and I already wear the band in child-size mode. The new band just seems like it won’t fit me correctly. I get the concept of the removable pod and how versatile it should be. I just like the nice lightweight current band. Don’t worry about me, I’ll adjust (pun intended). I’m also happy that the handles are back on the resort mugs. That was awkward but again I saw that they were trying to make it more travel mug-ish and trendy. Glad to see that the handles returned!

I’m almost always excited about changes in WDW. I loved the new paint job and sign that the Carousel of Progress got but now I’m ready for the show to be updated. I would break it down by: 1. beginning of the 1900’s 2. 1950-60’s and the space race 3. 1980-90’s computers and changing technologies and 4. the future or what it could be with all of the smart devises. Social media needs to be added and make it interactive!

For me, the most exciting thing about 2017 is Pandora in Animal Kingdom! Avatarland is due to open in the summer. I’ve been peeking over and through the fencing for what feels like forever. I will re-watch the movie to give myself a refresher. To me, this is like Pocahontas on another planet with mystical flying animals. I can’t imagine this not being spectacular!

Changes at Hollywood Studios probably aren’t going to be huge in 2017. There will be more of the same construction of the Star Wars and Toy Story themed lands. I do like what they’ve done with the fireworks shows. The projections, laser light show and fireworks combinations truly are amazing. I’m sure they will continue to update and awe.

Epcot will bring us some culture with the Festival of the Arts in January and February – think Flower & Garden and Food & Wine with beautifully Disney art work. I am looking forward to this. I do think that Epcot will eventually just be one long Festival. Maybe something can incorporate the Innoventions buildings?

Hopefully there will be some wonderful surprises thrown in there that will make my year!


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