Living in FL- 2 Years

I’ve lived in Central Florida for over two years now. We have had lots of houseguests and visitors. It’s exciting when someone who has never been to WDW or someone with young children come. Keeps the parks fresh. In the spring, I got to see small world through the eyes of a four year old. She was excited about the shiny walls before we even got on the ride. The carousel was magical again!

We don’t see too many guests in the summer. Way too hot for our northern family! Fall to spring seem to be the preferred visit times. I have actually gotten used to Summertime in Florida. It’s hot and I sweat. However, it does not keep me from having fun.

My oldest, Emily, has rediscovered her love for the parks and all things Disney. She was a repeat visitor this year. So was my younger daughter, Dea. My youngest son, Drew, just left after an 11-day visit. I think his highlight was meeting Chewbacca.

Of course no visit is complete without a trip to the All-Star Music Resort. This was a place where so many of our happy Disney memories started. We had to visit Art of Animation also as the theme in just can’t be beat for the young or young at heart.

In the last year we have moved, I have a new job, my husband Joe has a different position at Disney and I had surgery.  Change is good. I look forward to what the next year in Florida will bring!



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