Disney Down Time

Disney Down Time 

I know I’m lucky. I am fortunate to live near WDW. I’m there every weekend and sometimes after work I’ll stop by for a quick visit for dinner or maybe even fireworks.i appreciate how great this is but now I’m in complete withdrawals.

I  have bulging discs in my neck. So it’s been two weeks since I’ve been to my happy place. I’m not handling it well.

I have been sitting at home with Lady and a heating pad, mainly whining. I’ve binge watched super hero shows on Netflix. I’m not feeling the magic. I’m missing the parades, the crowds of happy people and the cupcakes. 

So I’m  going back in time before I took the Florida plunge. I managed to  survive with semi-annual and sometimes annual trips to the Mouse. I was able to keep it all together with help of Twitter and blogs.I still follow the same people and added new favorites along the way.

 The best pictures ever come from @AtDisneyAgain. He will put you right in the parks  Mouse on the Mind always has great articles and links to the magic. Undercover Tourist has videos of every ride, show and parade, a personal favorite of my daughter Emily. 



My newer favorites have to begin with Sparkly Nicole. I am a total fangirl. She’s upbeat and fun. Joe Teevee and his wonderful family are a joy to follow on YouTube! Finally there’s @DrunkAtdisney. He’s my guilty pleasure. I want to hang out with him. He makes me laugh out loud, literally. 


Check out Drunk@Disney (@DrunkAtdisney): https://twitter.com/DrunkAtdisney?s=09
So I will appreciate Disney from other people’s points of view and blogs binge, starting with Positively Disney 



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