Innoventions – Still Hanging In There

Although I am sure so many will agree that Innoventions is vastly underused , it’s still there for our enjoyment.  Both Innoventions East and West are wonderfully air-conditioned, offer shelter from the rain and will keep you entertained (limited time only).
Innoventions West is basically just a meet and greet for Chase Card Members. The line is usually pretty manageable and the picture is complimentary. Also in this building is a row of video games, of the assorted Disney variety.


Innoventions East has more stuff to do, including an underrated gem. StormStruck is a walk through lessen in weathering the storm. Colortopia, sponsored by Glidden, is interactive and bright! Take a Nanooze Break has interactive learning screens.



The gem is Sum of All Thrills, sponsored by Raytheon. This ride lets you create your own rollercoaster using math. In other words, you can’t create a ride that wouldn’t work in the real world. You go into a pod and get to experience your own design. It’s not very long but it’s a fun time!


Of course we all have a wish list for Innoventions. I would love to see the evolution of Audio Animatronics. How about Social Media? That could use some space. Remember when sending an email from Epcot was huge? How about feeds from the other Parks? And finally, one word – Marvel.
Feel free to put together your own wish list!
Gina – Positively Disney


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