6 Ways Disney World Ruined the Real World For Me

Visiting Disney World can be a magical experience. There is so much fun to be had, so much enjoyment and then you return to the real world. This is how Disney World has ruined the real world for me:

1. In the real world, no one tells me to have a magical day. I wish they did, I would love to have a magical day!
2. I can’t wear my Minnie ears at work. I think it would really boost morale but it’s one of those things that is acceptable in Disney World and not in Corporate America.

3. There’s no 3 o’clock parade in the real world. What a great way to break up a day then to find a spot sit down with some candy and wait for a fire-breathing dragon. This also does not happen in Corporate America. Unless, you count 3 o’clock break time as a parade. There are also no balloons for sale.

4. Sonny Eclipse does not serenade me at my lunch time. There is also no fixings bar.


5. The Confectionary has caramel apples that look like Olaf! The vending machine has egg salad sandwiches.
6. Walking around Disney World, you can hear festive happy music that will make you sing along. At work, the hold music is an instrumental version of Michael McDonald songs.


2 thoughts on “6 Ways Disney World Ruined the Real World For Me

  1. WOW I feel the same way! I was chuckling thinking about “Disney withdrawl” like trying to open my apartment with a magic band or waiting for the magical express to work. Also, we have the same necklace!! Great post, thanks 🙂


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