The Struggle is Real: Enduring Negative Nancies Popping Your Disney Bubble

Anyone and everyone who knows you, knows you love Disney. You love the movies, the music and of course the parks. You wear Disney accessories daily and are always planning your next trip. You’re not trying to hide it, you wear your obsession like a badge of honor.

Why then, do we get asked if we ever get tired of it? Nope.Never. I can’t get enough of the magic! I would live at Port Orleans, if possible. I would eat Mickey shaped food daily, if I could. I would even give up my car to ride in Disney transportation to go everywhere. I’d save tons in gas!

So what to do? You could make a great sales pitch about all of the wonderful aspects of Disney World. Throw in some pointers on saving money. Show pictures of a fire breathing Dragon from the 3 o’clock parade. Sorry but this may not work. 

You could try going with them to the center of all happiness.try to get them to see the magic from your angle. However, you can’t force feed a feeling. You can’t transfer your giddiness about fast passes to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. They may just see it as a rollercoaster that they never would have waited 85 minutes for. Don’t attempt to explain the allure of Peter Pan’s Flight (or Carousel of Progress).

In the end, sometimes it’s best to admit defeat. Let it go. Separate your friends into two categories: Magical Disney Friends and Grumpy Gusses. Stay inside your bubble where it’s safe from ridicule and you don’t have to explain why you have to wear Star Wars gear to Hollywood Studios.



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