3 Things I Don’t Like About Walt Disney World

I’m usually an upbeat person. You may even call me positive (wink wink) but there are still things about Walt Disney World that just burn my biscuits!
1. The food:
First of all, there are way too many options! With 152 full service restaurants, 393 quick service and 102 nightclubs, lounges and outdoor bars, how am I supposed to choose?
Then there’s the calories! Each Mickey Premium Bar has 330 calories. WDW sells 4.3 million each year. I’m not great at math but that’s a whole bunch!
Sure they also sell 1.6 million pounds of bananas annually too. However, I am assuming that some of those are dipped in chocolate!

2. The size:
It’s wicked big! At 40+ square miles, it’s often compared to the city of San Francisco. With a staff of up to 74,000, WDW really is it’s own all inclusive community.
With it’s 4 theme parks, two water parks, sports facilities and endless options in resorts, that’s a lot of transportation! You can travel by car, bus, monorail, boat, train and tram but you’ll also be putting on a lot of miles by foot! You will be tired! Or exhausted!
Wear good broken in footwear and carry a backup! I like Sanuk Yoga Mat sandals and Nike or Reebok flip flops with memory foam. I usually have a back up pair of cheap Old Navy/ Wal-Mart flip flops in my bag.

3. The cost:
Yes, vacationing is not cheap. We always find ways to economize and still have a magical time.
Buy souvenirs before you leave home. Target, Dollar Tree and Five Below are great sources for Disney baubles.
Bring your own food. Nothing better than a Fluff-n-nutter sandwich while taking in the parks. Pop Tarts are made for travel!
Long weekends at a value resort can be the most fun times of your life! I know I look back at those times with my kids and still smile.

Ok all in all I’m still seeing so many more positives! You just can’t beat the joy a trip to the parks can bring.


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