How To Come Out: Revealing Your Disney Addiction

Pointers on revealing your Disney addiction

You don’t want to rush this news. Ease into it. Don’t hide your Mickey watch or Figment lanyard but maybe leave the sparkly ears for the parks.
When I started my new job I was able to hold off giving park advice for a solid 2 weeks. It wasn’t easy.

In casual Friday conversations, when everyone is talking about the upcoming weekend, mention that you are checking out a new restaurant or fireworks. Try not to use abreviations like MDE, ADR or MNSSHP. The un-Disney people will just give you blank stares.

You shouldn’t have to hold in your love of Sonny Eclipse or stop humming it’s a small world. Be you, even if it means you are dubbed the resident Disney freak. Don’t make excuses for spending more time with your main Mouse. Enjoy the magic, cry during Wishes and get a FP+ for Test track!
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