8 Reasons to Resort Hop at POP Century and Art of Animation

8 Reasons to Resort Hop at POP Century and Art of Animation

  1. The resorts are connected by a bridge, so it’s a two for one deal. Even the bridge is pretty. There is a great walking/running trail around the resorts also. The views from all of the paths are incredible!
  2. image

  3. Tie-dye cheese cake – Not only will the Cast Members do the hustle in the food court but you can also get a super groovy and yet yummy dessert! (POP)
  4. The Cars section of Art of Animation – Disneyland has Radiator Springs but you can sleep there in Walt Disney World! This area has brought such attention to detail that I can’t imagine any small child not wanting to sleep in the film.
  5. image

  6. Our childhoods are here – No matter your age, you can relate to something at POP Century! I was born in 1968, so the 70’s and 80’s section are totally nostalgic for me. Yes, I had a Big Wheel and I know what an 8 Track tape is. I also love the 50’s section because it makes me thing of a more innocent time (and Happy Days).
  7. image

  8. The  chandelier in the Art of Animation Resort. It’s just so fun and really works. I love lights and this is one of my favorites. (see Christmas picture)
  9. Roger Rabbit – He’s magnificent! I think Who Framed Roger Rabbit was way ahead of it’s time. There are some small touches left in Hollywood Studios but not nearly enough. The 80’s section of POP Century is home to Roger.
  10. image

  11. The Little Mermaid section in Art of Animation – From the statue of Prince Eric (perfect for selfies) to larger than life Ursala and of course Ariel, you are completely immersed in the 1989 Disney Classic. The pool is not as big and splashy (sorry for the pun) as the Finding Nemo pool but it’s quieter and easier to manage if you have little ones.
  12. image

  13. POP Century Shadow Boxes – Across from Check-In, they are dedicated to different eras in American history. They are filled with full size icons and mementos of decades past. It seems like I can always find something new.
  14. Bonus – Christmas – Think bright and super colorful and old school. I love metallic trees and they are easy to find at these resorts. You really can’t help but feel like a kid with the kitschy displays.



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