5 Fixes for Disney World Withdrawal

You’ve had an amazing vacation in Walt Disney World! One week of magic in the happiest place on earth. You’ve been Dole Whipped, flown with Dumbo and selfied with the main mouse himself. Now you’re home and the luggage won’t unpack itself! It’s back to the real world!

Hold onto the Magic with both hands! Here are some ways to keep that Disney smile on your face:
1. Watch some Classic Disney movies. (extra points if they are on VHS) I suggest Fox and Hound, when was the last time you saw that one?

2. Spa Day- get pampered and treated like the Prince or Princess you are!

3. Plan your next trip! Nothing takes the sting out of coming home than going right back!


4. Plan a Disney themed party to share your love of the World with others. Who wouldn’t love a Carousel of Progress themed dinner with some root beer and frozen pizza or an Epcot themed party with some Grand Marnier slushies,
caramel popcorn and school bread.

5. Read a blog to live vicariously through frequent visitors. May I suggest Positively Disney Living?

Don’t worry Disney World isn’t going anywhere and will always be waiting for you!


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