A Few Requests for the Disney Imagineers

If I could ask the Disney Imagineers for some new and/or improved attractions, where would I begin?

Magic Kingdom:

1. I love the Carousel of Progress, I really do so I think it deserves some love back. Let’s make this the show it could be and bring the family into the present or even the future!
2. How about Oswald? Like anything. A ride would be great but any sighting would be nice.


1. One word: Robots. Real working robots. That would be science at it’s coolest! Innoventions would be the best place ever!
2. Additional countries would really give a boost to World Showcase. Portugal, Poland and Australia could join in the party! Think of the food…

Animal Kingdom:

1. Bring Tarzan back in any capacity! Not just the occasional meet and greet. More Tarzan.
2. Would it be too much to ask for dinosaurs? Jurassic Park had them. Just a suggestion.

Hollywood Studios:

1. Hurry up with Star Wars Land!
2. Hurry up with Toy Story Land!

I’m sure everyone could put together a wish list! What would be on yours?


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