Recharging the Magic

Recharging the Magic

My brother works at the Magic Kingdom. That means that he’s in Disney 40 plus hours each week. So what does he do on his day off? He goes to Disney World. He says it’s so he can recharge the Magic. Working there, I guess you can forget just how wonderful it is. I’m glad he wants to remember and I hope all Cast Members enjoy the world.

I go to Disney World every weekend and sometimes after work. I still love it each and every time. Sometimes I just visit resorts, or stop in to a park for just an hour and sometimes I spend from opening to fireworks. Each visit recharges my belief in Magic.

For us, there’s nothing better than watching people discovering the Magic for the first time. Seeing a child spot Cinderella’s Castle from Main Street can alway make me smile. Sure, around 3pm (we call this tantrum O:clock) that same child’s attitude may have changed. A quick nap and some Mickey ears will solve that issue.
I hope you get to recharge the Magic as often as you need! When you can’t be in Disney World, enjoy a piece of it at home.


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