My California Adventure – Gina Positively Disney

My California Adventure

I recently went on a business trip to the Burbank Airport (Bob Hope International). The company I work for manages airports and I’m in HR. So off to Open Enrollment meetings, I go! In my mind, I was thinking of this as a dry run for our eventual trip to Disneyland! I did learn some things along the way.

Yes, I work for airport management but I don’t love to fly. Once over the two hour mark, I get extra edgy. The flight to CA was non stop. I took motion sickness pills but think I should have taken something much stronger (tequila). The way home had a layover in Phoenix, AZ. That was split but still had four hours straight. Not a great time. Next time, I will try to stop more at the half way point (Texas) or take valium!


We stayed at the Beverly Whilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. It is famous for the movie Pretty Woman and is at one end of Rodeo Drive. This is just a bit out of my reality. I still love All Star Music and think Port Orleans French Quarter is amazing! We went to some great restaurants including The Ivy.

The Beverly Whilshire was built in 1928 when the city had about 18k residents. It has served as home to Elvis Presley, Warren Beatty and John Lennon. Much of the original opulence and charm are still apparent today. The original Post Box, woodwork and marble accents add an air of old money. My room was a junior suite with a balcony. I was in awe. I could very easily get used to that life! The breakfast bar was really yummy. There are two restaurants onsite -The Blvd and CUT by Wolfgang Puck. There is also a spa and fantastic pool area. The level of service was beyond what I have ever seen.


We went to The Ivy in Beverly Hills for dinner one evening. The BW provides car service to bring you and pick you up (2016 Mercedes). The restaurant is in an unassuming small brick building. Once you walk to the entrance, the French Countryside decor only takes a backseat to the copious amount of multicolored roses. They are everywhere and in great abundance. There are blue plates and floral patterned pillows everywhere. The feel is very comfortable and it just improves with the complimentary champagne as you wait for your table. The interior is set in small rooms with no more than four tables per. It’s very private and intimate feeling. The food was great. Really loved my seafood pasta. It had a long fancy name but I don’t remember it, just that it was great! The banana split was beautiful but has to be shared. They send you on your way much poorer but with fresh baked cookies! Apparently this is a celebrity hot spot and we had missed Woody Allen.

The Ivy

We hung out at The Grove Shopping Center and saw the really nice Christmas decorations. No celebrities. Wasn’t really looking. I did see Jesus near Sunset Blvd one afternoon. He’s looking good.

My take-aways:

CA is not as warm as FL, so check out the weather.

LAX and Burbank are about the same distance from DL so I’ll go to Burbank for less hassle.

Travel time is at the mercy of traffic – thus my decision to stay onsite.

Become wealthy.

Nightmare Fuel in Burbank

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