My Day Alone in WDW


My Husband had to work (@Grand Floridian) a short daytime shift on a Saturday. It was only 6 hours so I figured I’d go in with him, spend some time in WDW and meet up with him afterwards. Well I had a blast! What a fun day exploring by myself, at my own speed, doing what I wanted to do. No compromising for me!

I had Joe drop me off at Hollywood Studios. I saw it as a sign to visit the Muppets first because I saw the billboard for the new show in the parking lot. FYI – I loved the new show!!

I started at Muppet Vision 3D and found the key under the mat. Love that pun. I also saw A Net Full of Jello, get it, Annette Funicello! I love the updated movie in the holding area that mentions Constantine from the last Muppet Movie (with Tina Fey). Statler and Waldorf make me giggle – they can’t escape – they are nailed to their seats!


I crossed over the Streets of America to check on the progress of the lighting for the Osbourne Family Lights. I can’t believe how fast that many lights can go up! I window shopped at Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop from the television show Once Upon A Time. I love seeing the glass slippers and Sorcerer’s Hat! All Magic Comes At A Price!

A quick walk through a very busy Pixar section and I was at One Man’s Dream. For me, this is always a must so I’m pretty sad to see it go. I’m good with change and I’m sure I will love what comes next for Hollywood Studios. It was sad that Walt’s office is gone but nice to say good bye.


When I left the exhibit, I heard music so I knew that I had to get moving to see Mulch, Sweat and Sheers! I didn’t want to miss a chance since they are ending their fantastic 11 year run on October 11th. They are always a fun time. I could watch the interaction with the audience forever! They Rock! I will miss them, they’ve been such a staple in the park.

I decided to stop at Starbucks, get a refresher and head out.


I next walked to the Boardwalk. I love the feel of this resort. It’s turn of the (last) century charm and kitsch gets me every time. Yes the clown pool scares the heck out of me up I walk really fast by it. I did a quick walk through pit stop but didn’t explore as much as I normally do.

It’s a great walk with wonderful views. You can see The Yacht Club with it’s lighthouse and the Beach Club with it’s pirate ship across the water. I stopped in at the Bakery but was only window shopping. I wanted to visit Germany (you’ll see why later)!

I entered Epcot through the International Gateway. I love this entrance because it’s never busy. I thought I’d so something crazy and take a left and head into France. I usually take a right into United Kingdom. I went to see Impressions de France. I really enjoy that movie. The music and imagery are stunning. I then kept going on my trek around the world. I stopped briefly to listen to the Voices of Liberty. I missed most of their set unfortunately.


I was giddy as I stopped in Germany. If you haven’t tried their freshly made and warm Werther’s Popcorn, you haven’t lived! I buy the prepackaged to ship up to my daughter in law, Kristen but have to get a fresh bag for myself. I don’t share.


My next spot was to visit my favorite guy – Figment! I went to Future World and with a brief stop at Club Cool for some non-Beverly refreshments. I love the pineapple and melon Fantas mixed together! Journey into Imagination with Figment is such a happy ride, it makes me smile and sing each time. I know some people miss the earlier versions. I have seen them on You Tube. I’m just happy with any Figment I can get!


I went to the Land to Sunshine Seasons and had quick meal of a premade sandwich and a yummy cupcake. I relaxed from all my walking and people watched a bit. The stand-by line for Soaring was 75 minutes. I decided to visit Spaceship Earth to thank the Phoenicians! Since I was all about learning at this point, I head over to Ellen’s Energy Adventure. I know it’s dated but I love the ride/show. It’s also a great place to cool down or escape the rain.


I had FP+ for Illuminations and Joe was almost done with the work day, so I got in line and started getting excited! He had never seen the entire show due to our placement around the World Showcase. It was a perfect ending to both his day working for the Mouse and my adventure alone!



2 thoughts on “My Day Alone in WDW

  1. I really enjoyed your post of your day at the parks while Joe worked. It was a fresh perspective on all things Disney. I am going to really slow down this trip and try to check out all the “little things” as you did. I will think of you when I get my bag (or two) or werther’s original popcorn as well. I love that stuff!


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