Quick Service – Part 2 (Cosmic Ray’s, Sassagoula Floatworks and the Food Trucks)

tomorrowlandCosmic Ray’s Starlight Café is located in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland. There is a generous amount of seating, although it can get quite crowded at peak times of the day or during the rain. The real star of CM’s is Sonny Eclipse. He’s an animatronic lounge singer that will gets your toes tapping! 

There are 3 food bays that serve the basic park fare of burgers, chicken nuggets, grilled chicken sandwiches and children’s meals. In addition you will also find ribs, rotisserie chicken and pulled pork sandwiches.  Carrot cake, chocolate cake and gelato are available for deserts. This is my go-to quick service restaurant in MK.


The Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory is located in Port Orleans French Quarter Resort and is in operation from 6am to midnight. All three meals and then some are served fresh daily.

Let’s start with the beignets. They are made to order and amazing! Do not skip them. Go back for seconds. They come in orders of 3 or 6 and are supposed to be shared. Break the rules sometimes!

For breakfast you can start with French Toast, pancakes, eggs & meats or of course Mickey waffles. There is also a bakery section as well as cereal and oatmeal available. The strawberry topped pancakes are my favorite!

Lunch and dinner consist of quesadillas, create-your-own wraps and salads, pizza & burgers and different pasta dishes. They also have a nice chili cheese dog, fried shrimp, salmon and some yummy soups. The fried chicken and rib combo are my favorites.  There is definitely a down-home mix of options here.

The deserts are everywhere and amazing, including the ice cream and milkshakes.


(This picture is not my own but from Google)

The Food Trucks at Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) are located on the West Side not far from Bongos. The trucks are always subject to changes in menu and different trucks are swapped out. This adds a real variety to the options. I can tell you what has been there and what they serve.

I’ve had the Pork Shank and Gruyere Macaroni and Cheese and can now die happy. It was fantastic! Check out the corn dog and fries, not highbrow but yummy. The BLT soup and Cobb Salad combo is great but not too much food so you can walk over to Starbucks for a cupcake afterwards. The Sweet Potato puffs are different from the ones served near Pecos Bill’s. They have pecans and marshmallow sauce over them.

I’m sure there will be changes as the new Disney Springs evolves. It would be great if they could get some tables there. I really enjoy the trucks and what feels like mobile decadence.




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