Why All the Hate for Value Resorts?

Being a fan of Disney World, I like to immerse myself into Disney as much as possible. To do so I not only go to Disney but I write blogs and take part in Facebook pages, Twitter, and Tumblr. In my Disney social media adventures I have found out two things: 1) Disney will never make everyone happy and 2) people are afraid of value resorts. The last thing really irks me. In this post I will try to highlight all the great things Value Resorts have to offer.

Disney offers five big value resorts:

  1. All-Star Sports- sports themed
  2. All-Star Music- music themed
  3. All-Star Movies- movies themed
  4. Art of Animation- Disney animated classics
  5. Pop Century- travel through the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s

The Value Resorts are just, that a value. Most times you can get a room for around $100(except for peak seasons). They offer most of the same things that a moderate/deluxe resort offers just with less grandeur. Each resort has okay sized rooms, large food courts and multiple pools.

Living just 45 minutes away from Disney World it’s hard to justify spending money on resorts but with the great deals the value resorts offer, I do indulge myself from time to time. Just this past weekend I stayed two nights at the All-Star Sports. To me, it was perfect. The hotel’s exterior was so vibrant and the theming was spot on. The food court offered, what I think every resort food court offers from burgers to salads to pasta dishes. The rooms are not huge but they are clean and serve perfectly as a place to sleep.

Let me address some of the misrepresentations that I hear about value resorts that I would really like to correct:

  1. Too small- Yep, the rooms are not huge but my experience in my 34 trips to Disney World is that the room is just a place to sleep or relax after a long day.
  2. Bugs- um, what? As I mentioned, I have been on quite a few Disney vacations and I have never once stayed in anything other than a value resort. I have also never encountered a bug in my room. I understand that there’s has probably been a bug in a room before but I am fairly certain that bugs are not mutually exclusive to value resorts.
  3. Noisy- When  you get a room close to the pool or close to the play areas it can be noisy after dinner time. Disney does try to stop this with signs that will read “please observe quiet time from 10pm-10am”. They do help but inconsiderate people will be inconsiderate no matter what hotel they are at.
  4. Transportation- This one doesn’t apply to Art of Animation or Pop Century and more for the All-Stars. When I started coming to Disney the busing situation was not the greatest. The three All-Stars are lined up one after another and it used to be that the busses would go to one resort at a time and one bus serviced all three resorts. Meaning that if the bus was full after the first resort the other two resorts had to wait for that bus to come back. More recently, Disney added more buses so each resort gets their own except if the bus is not full, they will go to the next resort and fill it up. If this is not convenient for your party, Art of Animation or Pop Century might be better for you. But if you like the idea of the All-Stars, I suggest the Sports one since it is the first hotel the busses go to.

Value Resorts provide a great place to stay for people who do not want their sleeping arrangements to break the bank but want the feel of staying on Disney Property. The All-Stars have a special place in my family’s hearts because we have made many unforgettable memories there and always loved the feeling walking into the lobby on our first day. They are definitely our home. 


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6 thoughts on “Why All the Hate for Value Resorts?

  1. Not a bad way to look at things. While many of the higher end resorts have better transportation (sort of) that isn’t busses, I have generally found the bus situation to be pretty consistent across all resorts levels: not great, but gets the job done.

    I enjoy value resorts sometimes, and think many of the complaints you allude to here are indeed exaggerated by folks. I will say, however, that I have to agree a bit with those who point out that the level of theming and amenities at values is definitely lower than other resorts. For some, that important, others not so much. For me a lot depends on what I’m doing that trip.

    One big difference though, that wasn’t mentioned, is bed size. Most moderates, and I think all deluxes, have queen beds, while all values have doubles. Again, might be important to some folks.

    Lastly, I think AoA deserves something of it’s own status, somewhere between value and moderate. Even the little mermaid rooms command a price premium over the other values. The theming there also far exceeds any of the other values (though it’s more of a cartoonish style, by design, than the moderates).. I’d even say the theming at AoA beats out CBR. The family suite rooms offer an experience that, in my mind, doesn’t really compare well to any other resort on property, but again, at a price. Definitely a resort that overall I think is in a category of its own.


  2. First off, this is a very good post! It’s well written and a great topic! When I was little, we’d always stay at a value resort (mostly pop century since AoA wasn’t around) Whoever said the bug thing: are you telling me you’ve never had a bug in your room at home? I’ve never seen a bug in any of Disney’s hotels. (That’s better than my room!) I agree with the All Star transportation: it needs work. But hey, you get what you pay for. The rooms are small for families of 5+ (which my fam is) but if I’m not mistaken AoA has suites for large families, doesn’t it? Bottom line: There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the value resorts! I love them, Pop Century especially!!!

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  3. My ONLY complaint about the value resorts are the beds!! Too hard and too small ( does that count as two?) it is very hard to get a room with a king size bed as they are first come first serve. I would love to see a queen size bed even if it gave less room elsewhere. Otherwise I love all the value resorts , from the bright colors and 3 story mickey phone or lady and the tramp, how could you go wrong?!!! I have never had an issue with bugs and have stayed at all the value resorts! Loved the article!

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