Lunch at Trails End is not what you would expect.


Sometimes it’s a good idea to try something different, so we decided to try Trails End for lunch. We know Trails End offers a buffet at breakfast and dinner that we have enjoyed many times but at lunch the restaurant offers a nice menu with some different choices. We began our meal with a order of cornbread that is served with honey butter, it was delicious. My husband ordered the chicken fried steak it came with mashed potatoes and peas, he seemed to enjoy it, there was nothing left on his plate when he was done. I chose to try the fried chicken and waffles I wasn’t disappointed, but couldn’t clean my plate like my husband did. Luckily he was there to finish mine. Lol.
We did not have desert even though it was tempting but the cornbread pushed us over the top and we were too full to even consider it.
Over all we would difinitly do this again the staff was great our glasses were never empty and the atmosphere was relaxing. Glad we made the choice to try something different.
After eating we decided to take a boat ride over to Magic Kingdom and take in some of the beautiful scenery and enjoy the weather, best idea of the day. We did this twice just to relax. Sometimes not making any advanced plans and just slowing down can turn into our best days.
Always make today your best day.



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