Always Looking Up


Epcot’s Italy

Going through my pictures it’s clear to spot a recurring theme; I am always looking up. Yes I do love the lighting fixtures in all their splendid varieties. I love crystal chandeliers and rusty candle holders. I’m not sure if there is a light that I don’t have a picture of in all of WDW and most of the resorts. Every time I find a new one, it’s like Christmas!


The Beach Club

It’s not just the lights that I love. It’s that they are always so perfectly themed to their location. They fit. They may enhance the entire scene (Haunted Mansion) or they may just fade into the background (path lighting at the Polynesian) but they have a purpose to illuminate and enrich. It’s the attention to detail where Disney has me wrapped and lighting is just one aspect of that.


Artist Pallet at Saratoga Springs

I always wish I could take better pictures. I wish I could capture how the lighting really effects the surroundings. I do know that I won’t stop looking up and sometimes I may trip. I apologize for bumping into other guests and thank my family for catching me so I don’t fall flat on my face. I’m sure if I did they would help me up again after they stopped laughing!



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