A Few of My Favorite Things:Courtney 

  1. Festival of Fantasy Parade- From the catchy theme song to a fire breathing dragon this parade keeps me smiling from beginning to end. My favorite spot to watch it from is on the train station’s second level balcony.
  2. Mickey Ice Cream Bar- There is nothing better than this chocolate treat. No really! I don’t know how anyone can walk up to the snack counter and order anything besides this. It is the perfect snack!
  3. Pluto- I am quite obsessed with dogs so it’s no shock that Pluto is my favorite of the Mickey and the gang. He’s so awesome and any interaction I get to have with him is always unforgettable.
  4. Expedition Everest- Animal Kingdom was never one of my favorite parks but when they put Expedition Everest in, it became a must on every trip. It’s just the perfect roller coaster! Their single riders line also helps me to be able to go on many times!
  5. Voices of Liberty- Before the great show at the American Pavillion in Epcot’s World Showcase the Voices of Liberty come out to sing in the rotunda. They sing American folk songs and Disney classics. I usually watch them 2-3 times. They also do an outdoor show where they sing even more Disney favorites!

This is just the first in the Favorite Things Series.


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