The Great Movie Ride Presented by TCM – Hollywood Studios

The Great Movie Ride is a staple for visitors of Hollywood Studios. But for years it remained unchanged and definitely needed an upgrade. That’s why Turner Classic Movies was brought in to bring some new life to this classic ride. Riders are brought back in time to the explore movie classics. Though many of the scenes remain unchanged there are three major changes.

Our first major change is in the holding room. Before, guests were shown trailers to many iconic movies such as “Gone with the Wind” And “Mary Poppins.” We are not completely sure about this since we had fast passes and were only in the holding room for five minutes but they seem to show only an in depth, behind the scenes look into the making of “Wizard of Oz” now. This makes sense since TCM owns the rights to the movie.

Another noticeable change is the bank robber scene. While most of the dialogue and back story stayed the same, there is an addition. Now as you are headed into the next room there is another fight scene just like if you were in the cowboy sequence. Here is also where you start to notice that the recorded information has been updated and provide a little more personality to our non-human guide.

The major change that everybody was pretty much expecting was in the montage that is shown at the end. Most of the original is still in it but they do add a lot more Disney Classics, too. There is new music and it flows differently but you still get the same feel that the original one brought you.

The ride has some minor changes too. There are a lot more signs around pushing the new TCM changes. Also, at the exit of the ride there is an awning where you can have your picture taken with your hands in cement molds just like the ones that are on the ground at the entrance to the ride. Overall, we like the changes. It will take some time getting used to but they did not take away from what was already there just enhanced and updated.


Positively Disney


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