Downtown Disney at Night 

Downtown Disney is a shopping mall by day and adult party central by night. In the last five years Disney has worked to re-theme the downtown area to be more family friendly, especially at night. This is still the go to spot on property to go for an adult night out though.

For the “beer with friends” crowd head to Splitsville Bowling Lanes. This two story bowling alley functions also as a sports bar and grill. Splitsville has 30 bowling lanes, billiard tables, and fantastic pub styled food. Outside, there is a fully serviced bar with plenty of seating. There is live entertainment almost every night, weather permitting.

House of Blues is partially a casual dining restaurant and also a small concert hall. Known nationally, House of Blues serves good food and provides great entertainment. Click here to see whose performing and to purchase tickets.

To enjoy some great cocktails and nice wines, Paradiso 37 is where to go. The outdoor seating provide a perfect view of the downtown area. They have a great atmosphere for just sitting around a talking with friends. This place is not to big and usually has a line but once in it is nice and relaxing.

The Boathouse is new to Downtown Disney. They serve everything from burgers to seafood platters. They have a beautiful outdoor bar that shows a great view of the lake. While you are here you can enjoy a unique type of boat ride, where you get into 50’s styled cars turned into cars and cruise around the lake. Something that must be mentioned with The Boathouse is its prices are pretty high. The boat ride is $120 and some of their dishes of food can cost up to $113. But if you are willing to splurge this place is great. If the cost is a bit too much you can always sit at their bar. There drink costs are about the same as other places around. That was you are able to get the experience of The Boathouse without the pocket burden.

There is more to enjoy in Downtown Disney, this is more of an overview of the most “adult friendly” places down here. If you have the kids you can enjoy the dinosaur themed restaurant, T-Rex or its sister restaurant, Rainforest Cafe which is obviously rainforest themed. Downtown Disney does have plenty of shopping to meet everyone’s needs. There is an “Art of Shaving” store as well as two flip flop stores, “Sanuk” and “Havanas” and of course the largest Disney gift shop on property!

Enjoy & please don’t drink and drive!!!



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