Our Review of Inside Out and a bonus on Lava


Two of us were lucky enough to see a viewing of the new Disney Pixar film Inside Out on Saturday the 13th at AMC Theaters in Downtown Disney (future Disney Springs). I was super exited to meet Joy and Sadness, two of the stars of the movie. I was of course expecting a cute movie and it way surpassed that!

Remember the up and downs you felt when watching Toy Story 3? From the lows of the gang holding hands with impending doom looming and the highs when they found a new forever home. We laughed and we cried. The same is so true with Inside Out.

This is a story of Riley, an 11 year old girl. We get a look into what makes her unique and special. There is so much going on inside her head and we get to see it all! Her emotions are separate and sometimes at odds with each other. When an issue arises, her emotions must work together to help Riley.

We all have feelings like Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust or at least bits of them. They are all splendidly acted and so believable! This movie will actually be a great tool for parents and teachers to talk about the usually difficult topic of emotions.

I give it 4.5 Mickey Ears (I wish there was more music I could sing to)


Lava is a delightful short film inspired by tropical islands. They are beautiful but sometimes so isolated. The story is told by the singing of the volcanos over many thousands of years. It is a beautiful love story that will give you goose bumps and leave you singing. I know I still am!


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